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Full Version: I have a new hero!
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This article gives a brief overview of Paul Comtois of Quebec. He died trying to save the Blessed Sacrament from being burned.

What an excellent example of faith and duty in these days of perfidy.

Being Canadian, I am doubly proud to say he is my new hero!

¡°I was told,¡± Mireille continues, ¡°that when they found him, his body was badly burned and his arms were no longer intact; but my father was a big stocky man and under the upper part of his body they found the pyx used to carry the Holy Eucharist. His body had saved it from the flames. ¡¦ I can still picture him standing there in the light of the sanctuary lamp.¡±
Wow!  A worthy hero, indeed.

[Image: prayer.gif]

What an extraordinary story!

"That he, who had been honored by the world during his lifetime, should have been ignored by the world at the moment of his death, can only be explained by the fact that he died for One Whom the world does not recognize and has ever refused to acknowledge."

How true...
Thank you so much for linking this here! I needed to read something positive like this. Paul Comtois, please pray for us!
Thansk so much for sharing this - what a trully remarkable story.