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Full Version: Priest leaves Novus Ordo for Traditional Faith
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 Hello all,

  I just thought I would recommend for reading Dr Droleskey's article for today, April 1 title "Embracing the faith no matter the Consequences" at  It concerns a young priest of the Rockford, IL diocese, Michael Oswalt, who has realised the errors of Vatican II and the changes and is willing to go to a traditional seminary to be trained properly and to be ordained in the traditional rite of ordination.  The bishop of his former diocese has denounced this action, of course.  Pray that he will be able to get through his studies so that we will have one more priest of God to intercede on our behalf and give the Blessed Trinity their proper adoration through the offering of Holy Mass.

  In JMJ,

One cannot be ordained twice.
It seems, at first glance, to be a move to heresy, rather than a move to the Catholic Church. Forsaking inconvenient dogmas is never a good thing

  You are correct, of course.  A man can only be ordained once(to become a priest).  He was ordained in the new rite of ordination put in by Paul VI, starting in 1968, which changed the rite of ordaining men to the priesthood.  It went even furthur with the changes in the rite of consecration of a bishop, using a prayer that, at best, was used in the past for the blessing of an abbott or at the installation of a patriarch(who was already a bishop).  I recommend to you the articles "Absolutely Null and Utterly Void" and "Still Null and Void" by Fr Anthony Cekada, a poster here on Fisheaters, that can be found at 

   The priest that the article is about does not want to adhere to any heresy; that is why he is leaving his NO diocese and seeking out a proper priestly formation and a proper, valid ordination.  Read the article, and others related to such topics, to learn  more.

That a diocesan priest would apostasize and associate himself with sedes is proof that formation in many diocesan seminaries is still very poor. 
joe17: I understand what you mean, but I look to the Church first. The Church has spoken. Apostolic succession is not broken.
Those who leave the Church, instead of praying for the Church, are harming the flock of Christ. All those who leave lack the guidance of the Holy Spirit and soon fall into more grave heresy (Old Catholic Church, Anglican, etc). Those who leave under the pretext of sticking with tradition, lose that tradition in a generation.
 Precisely, Rosarium.

  Look what has happened since Vatican II.  The bulk of people known as Catholics don't believe fully what the Church has taken.  They may have the buildings/structures, but do they really have the faith?  Not down to the man, but I think that most people in the pews haven't been taught properly the truths of the faith, or, if they have, they no longer truly believe the truths and do their best to practice them. 
  Recognising that usurpers have been running the Vatican since Pius XII is a grace.  One still must live and practice the faith as it was handed down to us from the times of the Apostles.  How God will rectify this situation is not known by us here on earth, but we must recognise that what comes out of today's Rome is not coming from the Church.  Truths are spoken from time to time by Benedict and his people, but it is mixed with serious error, not to mention tied up with the non-Mass called the Novus Ordo.

I actually read a very good article which debunked Fr. Cedaka's thesis in the pamplet. Unfortunately the man who write it, Jacob Michael, no longer has his website up. I wished I had it, because it proves the new form of the Rite of Ordination is just as valid as the old one.
Wow, I didn't know there were so many sedevacantists on this forum...

Yes, the Novus Ordo is deficient... and Yes, the new ordination rite is different from the old, BUT, for the Sacrament to be valid all that really matters is intent, and we can be pretty sure that those in the Church, however scandalized she is in her current state of the modernist heresy, still has the intent on ordaining bishops and priests.

The same goes with the New Mass.  Yes, it is scandalous and there are vain novelties and outright blasphemies involved in this rite - BUT, for the most part, those priest who offer it are still doing what the Church intends (although this is not always the case, which is one of the major dangers in attending a Novus Ordo Mass, besides its apparent break with Tradition).

If this priest leaves his diocese to become "ordained" as an independent, sedevacantist priest, then he has abandoned the Faith - plain and simple.  There are other routes he can take to adhere to Tradition instead of abandoning his reason for such madness. 
Besides, if one were to take the common sede position and claim that there hasn't been Apostolic Succession for 50 years, then we have no valid Cardinals to even elect a new Pope!  Besides, the fact that Vatican Council I (a valid council to every Novus Ordo Catholic, Traditional Catholic and sedevacantist) states infallibly that the Office of Peter has perpetual successors should lay total waste to such a bogus position.

didishroom Wrote:I actually read a very good article which debunked Fr. Cedaka's thesis in the pamplet. Unfortunately the man who write it, Jacob Michael, no longer has his website up. I wished I had it, because it proves the new form of the Rite of Ordination is just as valid as the old one.
Is this the article to which you are referring, didi?

Nothing Lacking for Validity: A Response to Rev. Anthony Cekada []
Holy NutMeg! How did you get this back?!

Thank you! Thank you!
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