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Full Version: Bp W Column, 4.4.09
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Great Article.. H.E is the best confessor I have ever been to. God Bless you, Your Grace.
Stephen, I love that you post the link to Bp. Williamson's blog when it is updated, but can you please post at least a one-line summary before the link?  Even the title of the blog entry is fine (I know it appears in the URL, but most people won't see it).
I will say, it seems that Bp. Williamson's blog post just may have bumped my agnostic friend over from the "agnostic" to the "hrm, I'll need to check this out more."

I'm loving this bishop more everyday...

Would that we could get that kind of straightforward, clear cut catholic teaching from the Pope on a Wednesday Angelus. 

In fact, if this column were read from every pulpit in the world over Easter, the world would actually improve.
A fine column. Plenty to meditate upon there.