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Full Version: God's Girl: Gianna Jessen
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Watch the 2 part video below

Gianna Jessen is one powerful prolife speaker for she herself is an abortion survivor


10 minutes


part 2:   

6 1/2 minutes


 such a lovely lady and what a witness!

She is amazing.  She spoke at my high school, and I had the honor of meeting her.  I sure hope that her message stuck with those girls as they went out into the world...because it did stick with me.

Before meeting Gianna, I was very pro-life as far as what I believed, but I didn't know enough to actually get out there and do anything about it.  Because of her I have ended up going to public prayer vigils, etc.  I was already pro-life, but I'm in the pro-life movement because of her.
Is she Catholic?
Good clips. She has a good public speaking style.

"Today we are nothing but cowards in America. We can’t even say the truth because we are so afraid of what our colleagues will think."  - Abortion Survivor Gianna Jessen

[Image: jun-06-3.jpg]

Truly amazing. So happy you posted this. She is a testimony in herself. And imagine how many others were born "alive" yet suffocated and murdered. May God have mercy.

God bless you.