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Full Version: Burning Blessed Palms
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     I brought home a bunch of Blessed Palms from Palm Sunday Mass.  I had a bunch of old dried out palms I replaced with new ones.  I need to dispose of the old ones.
     We were always taught that Blessed Palms were saved and burned in time of desperate needs.  Now is as good a times as any.
     I tried to burn some of them but it is too time consuming.  Is they a better way to burn them than with a Candle or should I dispose of them another way? 

kzarah Wrote:should I dispose of them another way?

You could just wait until before Lent next year. Give them to your priest. The ash on Ash Wednesday is made from Palm Sunday palms.
I found the solution.  Use pliers or something to hold the palms at the bottom.  Turn the palms upside down and burn they from bottom to top. 
It's done.
Can't you also bury palms?
ErinIsNice Wrote:Can't you also bury palms?

Sure. We used to bring them to school and bury them in the garden grotto where the BVM statue was kept.  
How about burn and acatter ashes, like holy water around home,e tc.....
Anyone else have this thought yesterday at Mass?:

What do the guys who sell palms do for the rest of the year. There really can't be a big market for palm leaves.