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Full Version: My Rant
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I have only been among you for a few days, but I can't contain my urge to post my rant.

I absolutely hate whoever has brought the nonsense of Vatican II on the Church. If I were a Papist, I would rally all orthodox believers to my side and we would tear down Mahoney's pagan temple stone by stone and raze the whole thing to the ground. (That is, in my dreams, in reality I would most likely just mope around this forum)

I apologise, but that is how I feel.

Many of us wish we could do more.  I'm going to recommend the best book I read this past year.

William Biersach's "While the Eyes of the Great are Elsewhere."

The first chapter is available online to read.
A single prayer is worth more to your soul than that whole heap of bricks. You cannot become a saint without an interior worthy of good, even if you are to eliminate every single modernist atrocity and set down Aix-la-Chapelles and Notre-Dames in every town and district, even if, due to your efforts alone, the Mass of Ages is celebrated exclusively in every church in the world and all the priests preach only the narrowest orthodoxy.

All of this is worth nothing without a claim. And who can claim the world? "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth." All your efforts, even if they are wildly successful and convert the whole planet, will be to no end if you are without spiritual claim.

I don't intend to intrude, and I don't intend to presume, but I am puzzled by such rigor and sternness on the part of one who uses the conditional subordinate clause "If I were a Papist." If it is that you seek, go immediately, as soon as you are able, and speak with a priest. If you don't seek it, pray until you do. You will be in my prayers.
Well said Cyriacus. De Maistre, sorry but I'm also a bit puzzled by your rant, much as I enjoy reading a good rant, because I would have thought that defending the Faith presupposes some sort of connection to it beyond mere intellectual or idealistic sympathy. It sounds a bit as if this is a hobby or interest for you, like doing cross-words or studying art.
Oh you'll never get that thing in Los Angeles down.  Even if the Big One hits LA, that monstrosity will remain standing, along with the cockroaches.  It's best just to ignore it and pretend there's nothing west of Nevada.

And if someone wishes to be anal and point out that parts of California are actually east of Nevada, I offer you a cordial "Bite me!" in advance. [Image: tiphat2.gif]
misunderstood a previous post and this is my edit.
inability to scheme

I am united to you by the same Baptism.

The question is whether you live your baptismal vows.  That is the question for *all* of us. 
I agree, Hotspur.

Coffee cup.
Batteries not included. [Image: asianbow.gif]

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