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Hi everyone!

I really need some help and advice on something.  My family and I go to our local N.O. parish, and I almost cannot take it anymore.  Our priest isn't reverent.  He adds and takes out things in the liturgy.  He jokes with people in line while giving them communion.  The atmosphere at Mass is more like a community social than the one Sacrifice of Christ being made present on the altar before us.  He even teaches things from the pulpit that are contrary to the Catholic Faith.  My wife and I leave Mass every week feeling sad and frustrated.

My wife and I were received into the Church nine years ago by a very holy priest who was very strict about following the rubics, and not changing anything.  His Masses were very reverent and beautiful.  So my wife and I can go to Mass at our local parish, and know that this isn't the way things are suppose to be.  But we are worried about our children (they are ages 9, 5, 2, and we have another baby due in August).  We are afraid that by being exposed to these irreverent Masses, they will think that this is how Mass is suppose to be.  What can we do?

On one hand, we don't want our children to be exposed to these irreverent Masses.  But at the same time, we don't want to simply stay at home, and give our young children the impression that going to Mass isn't important.  There are no reverent N.O. parishes in our area, and the nearest Latin Mass is almost 2 hours away, which is too far to go each week on our budget.

Do any of you have any suggestions or advice?  I would appreciate any help at all.

With His love,

If you can't make it every week, you may want to commit to making it at least once a month.  You could make it a point to go through the missal and the readings together as a family every Sunday, and/or pray the Rosary together.  Don't just completely ignore the Sunday obligation when you can't make the long drive.
Perhaps you could get in touch with Una Voce USA and see of there are any efforts to get a Latin Mass around where you live. Are there any Byzantine Catholic parishes nearby?

Are there any like-minded individuals in your parish?  You might consider organizing a request for a Latin mass in your area.

I found a local abbey and my husband and I will drive there for mass.  It's a valid N.O. option that is pretty much guaranteed to be reverent.

Hope it helps!
I agree with Inion.  If you can go once a month, then do that.  It's much better to have some Mass than no Mass.

Another option is to try to fix the Novus Ordo so it is more reverent like you had with your other pastor; talk to the current priest, write the diocese, etc.  That's not what this forum is for, though.  But if you go to EWTN people there may be able to help you if you choose this.  I only mention this option for completeness.  I strongly recommend attendence at a TLM whenever possible.  Even the most reverent NO cannot compare to the TLM in a great variety of ways.
Are there any Eastern Rite Parishes in your area?  Those, I have always felt, were an acceptable substitute when there was no TLM.
When you say there's no TLM are you excluding SSPX? Since you have children involved this becomes even more important as it's reinforcing acceptance of irreverance in their little minds when you attend the NO. Make the 2 hour trip every Sunday to the TLM if you have to; God will reward you - He's not going to let you starve for doing the right thing.
Perhaps you could turn this into a learning event for all concerned. You could model reverence for your children and those around you during Mass. After Mass you could teach the kids on at their level of understanding how things should be at Mass.

You could combine your frustration and distraction with Christ's sufferings on the cross for the priest who is lacking in reverence. Jesus did not say He "couldn't take it anymore " when He was dying for our sins and irreverences.

Skipping Mass because it's not up to our standards strikes me as a form of spiritual Russian Roulette.

Pray to Our Lord and tell Him how you feel about this and tell Him how much you love Him.

Don't let the devil convince you the decision to miss Mass is the priest's fault.

You are in my prayers.
You and your family's salvation are most important.  Stay away from the Novus Ordo.  Get to the TLM whenever possible.  Read the Mass prayers, pray the rosary, make a spiritual communion, and, when possible, read to the family sermons by the saints or other published, pre-VII sermons when you cannot make it to Mass.  You will learn much that way.  Also, has a terrific selection of sermons by traditional priests to choose from.  Look at the Mass listings at  While I don't care for all the places he has listed, it is a good reference to help find Mass centers not in the usual directories.
  Pray for the assistance of Our Lady in guiding your family through this vale of tears.

 In JMJ,

Missing Sunday Mass without a valid reason is a mortal sin.

"Where would you spend eternity, Smoking or Non-Smoking ?"  :o
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