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Full Version: The SSPX accuses the Head of the German Bishops of heresy
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The SSPX like modern day Dominicans or old school Jesuits are defending the faith even if the Holy Father will not.

Maybe Mahoney will weigh in (on the record).

If it wasn't so  Cry it would be  LOL
It's not an accusation as much as a statement of fact.
God Bless the Society of St. Pius X!
I wonder what will happen?
(04-28-2009, 07:20 AM)tradmaverick Wrote: [ -> ]I wonder what will happen?

Bp Zolltisch looks worthy of his illustrious predecessor Luther.
Although a number of high ranked in Vatican would like Luther's excomm to be cancelled, I believe that the Pope would be wiser in ordering the stakes to be set, ready for lighting
What is Benedict XVI's reaction?

Despite the fact that this is a very bold statement by the Cardinal, I think it is very telling that I'm not surprised at this.

I was just talking about this with another traditional Catholic on this forum (you know who you are  Wink): If one furthers the ideologies of the Second Vatican Council to their logical conclusions, then the Novus Ordo Missae, all the post-conciliar novelties, and the eventual complete denial of the Catholic Faith are the logical ends of this position. One who thoroughly understands the Catholic Faith would understand that no teaching of the Church's Magisterium, whether Ordinary, Universal, or Extraordinary, when concluded, is injurious to the Church's mission on earth.

The Catholic Faith was not founded on bad ground; it is the good seed that fell upon good ground. One may propel any teaching of the Magisterium to its final end and see that it glorifies God through the salvation of mankind. If one advances the psuedo-theology of the post-conciliar reforms to their last end, the only logical conclusion is that of compromise, indifferentism, and complete defection from Catholic principle, teaching, and belief. Consider the last end of ecumenism; consider the last end of compromise; consider that of collegiality, pluralism, and Modernism. The conclusions of these ideologies can not glorify God.

Every good means is good because its end is good; and every good end is obtained by good means. Every bad means is bad because its end is bad; and every bad end is obtained by bad means. Likewise, no good end is obtained by bad means; similarly, no bad end is obtained by good means - it defies logic and is in direct opposition to the laws of ethics.

God be with us all.
(04-28-2009, 03:10 AM)Baskerville Wrote: [ -> ]

The SSPX like modern day Dominicans or old school Jesuits are defending the faith even if the Holy Father will not.

Tip o' the hat Salute Pray
(04-28-2009, 06:20 AM)Nic Wrote: [ -> ]God Bless the Society of St. Pius X!

Right there with you, Nic!
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