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Full Version: The Liturgical Year by Dom Gueranger
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Does anybody have the set? Was it worth it, or should I just stick to what I can find onlne. I've read a bit on Google, but I'd like to have the whole set, in order to have a set course of spiritual reading that follows the year (other than Divine Intimacy, which is great)- especially since I don't have the readings for the Divine Office. It seems like it would be really useful for understanding the Church's interpretation of Scripture, which is definitely what I need at the moment, too.  But $144.00 is a lot of money to spend on books all at once! Who recommends buying the set?

EDIT: Here's the cheapest I've found it, in case anyone else is interested. Shipping is an extra 5.00.
I do.  It's awesome.  Not only gives you great, spiritual perspectives on the liturgical year, but excellent analysis of liturgical history, origins of feasts and customs, some sampling of propers from other rites of the Church, as well as propers from older versions of the Missal and Breviary.
I don't have it - but I think it's wonderful.

A friend of mine has it - and I think that it's especially great for use within a family, not just yourself.
I have the set, which I purchased from

I would highly recommend it.  And if you're getting it for $144.00, that's a much better price than I paid several years ago.