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Full Version: Relic?
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Ok, Hope this is the right forum.
As some of you know, My best friend gave birth on Sunday, and due to many complications, the baby passed within a few hours. He was baptized, and my husband and I were named Godparents. So he is a saint obviously, St. Easton. I know that if you touch something to a saint it becomes a relic right?
My question is this, I have a gold crucifix necklace I bought for him, so his mother asked me just to touch it to him and give it to her. I also have some rosaries as well.  My question is this: Neither the crucifix nor the rosaries are blessed, do they still count as a relic then? The viewing is tonight, and I cant get ahold of any of our priests,so Im not sure if I should just do it anyways? Thank you!!

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It would count as a relic for the sake of this particular family's love for their child, but not one for public veneration. And either way, they both should still be blessed. Private devotion as a way of loving a deceased one can resemble public devotion to a canonized saint, but should not be equated. I've seen a family who used the term for family members who had died as "Beloved" rather than "Saint" or "Blessed" in order to make note of this distinction while still asking the loved one to intercede for them.

May Beloved Easton rest in peace.
It'd be a class 2 relic, you should get them blessed of course. If they kept the cord, that'd be class 1.
This happened to my niece a few years ago. A baby girl died 20 minutes after being born. She was baptized, so she is definitely a saint. One thing the priest brought up the graveside that stayed in my mind, was that we could privately pray to such babies as we would any canonized saint, because we are assured of their blessedness in heaven and their intercession. They possess a special, singular joy because they never soiled their baptismal robes. This might be of some comfort to the family in their loss.

Blessed Easton, pray for us.

- Lisa
That's so neat, isn't it?

I served a funeral mass(TLM) for a baby who lived 20 minutes. It was baptized and the coffin was so small. But it was white and the priests wore white, as they knew the child was in heaven. A happy death.
Thanx everyone. The viewing was last night, it was really hard, he is so small and beautiful. I brought all my rosaries and my scapular. I also touched a gold crucifix necklace to him too, and gave it to his mother . The funeral is this morning. I have been praying to him all night to comfort his parents through all this.