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Full Version: Looking for information on a "Father Leonardo"
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I'm going to keep this thread exceptionally vague.  I'm looking for information on an independent priest by the name of Father Leonardo.  I don't even know his full name at this point (although I'm in the process of figuring it out.)  All I can really offer up is that he was ordained by the sedevacantist (?) Bishop Slupski.  I've tried to find info on +Slupski before, but couldn't come up with anything online.

If you have any information on this priest, please either PM me or e-mail me at: (It's probably not prudent to post anything publicly unless it came from a public source, i.e., something already online)  This isn't exactly urgent, but could potentially become a big deal in the near future.  Thanks.
Check your PM, but it probably won't help....