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Full Version: Gifts for seminarians
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I have several friends who are graduating from Minor Seminary this weekend. I'm trying to figure out what to buy them as a gift. I was thinking about a book for each of them...perhaps one about Padre Pio. Any other ideas/suggestions?

Thanks for any help you can give me!
Minor seminary? Those places still exist?
Well, what I would call minor seminary. They have finished all their philosophy training, going on to theology.
Oh. When I think of minor seminary, I think of those high schools for clerical candidates.
Just as with a similiar thread on what gifts to buy a priest, do you think a seminarian really needs another religious gift? Insofar as he is in a seminary, the last thing he's going to need/want is another religious book. Send him some money. From seminarians I know, that's what they could really use.
Cash.  Always the right size, always the right color.

And a bottle of Catholic whisky.
Okay, yeah, cash is aways appreciated, and would be useful to a seminarian.  But .... to a lot of people it does seem a bit impersonal (like, I couldn't be bothered to go get something....).  So, here are a few other ideas:

Books are tricky to buy, unless you are familiar with their bookshelf, or know their tastes.  But, a seminarian is going to need books, and want to read, even stuff outside of coursework.  Amazon (use the Fisheaters support link) or Barnes & Nobel (or a local, independent book seller, if you know of one convenient to them) gift cards!  Amazon provides great value - I personally am partial to actual bookstores, cuz I like to look at books.

Though a seminarian's wardrobe is basic, they still need to buy clothes, and maybe even need stuff for sports or outdoor activities, that isn't really in their budget.  Gift cards for a clothing retailer, department store, or outdoor store (if you know they have that interest) would fit the bill.

For something fun - a gift card or certificate for a nice restaurant in the area.
I'm with Walberg.  Cash or booze....that's what I'd want.  None of that rotgut either, go for the expensive stuff.
As a former seminarian, I say cash.  It's not possible for most seminarians to have a part-time job, even during breaks, so they really entirely on the generosity of others.  Trust me.  Cash is ALWAYS appreciated by seminarians.

As for minor seminary, yes, they still exist, but not like the old high school style minor seminaries.  The diocese of Lincoln, NE, operates a minor seminary, which is basically like a junior college.  They get shipped away to do their theology years.
(05-12-2009, 01:16 AM)DrBombay Wrote: [ -> ]I'm with Walberg.  Cash or booze....that's what I'd want.  None of that rotgut either, go for the expensive stuff.

A couple of bottles of MD 20/20 and Night Train, coming your way...
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