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Full Version: Puppy sitting
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Actually she is almost two but is just like a puppy.  Cashmere is the most loveabley little chihuahua you have ever seen.  She does not park and is not hyper and she loves to play.  She is affectionate and all out fun.
I am baby sitting her for two weeks.  My friend recently died from breast cancer.  She got little Cashmere to keep her company while she was going there chemo.  LaFonda's husband did not want here to get a chihuahua but of course supported her decision.  Now he loves her and is his new companion.  John just went to New York for two weeks. 
Anyway I am really enjoying having her.  I have puppy love.
Aw, kzarah....I bet you're all gooshy and smooshy.


honestly, aren't they just the cyoootest?