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Full Version: 12 yr old Lia speaks at March For Life Ottawa
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  Seems that the video has been removed.  Huh?  I wonder whats up with that?  Hopefully it will make it's way back soon.
I guess its back up here
I'm astounded at the insight and wisdom of one so young. It was better than most adult arguments against abortion. Great use of reason and rationality.
  Okay, third times the charm.  The new and final link, I am told is now

  My mom sent this video to someone she knows and this is the response she got:

“I watched the entire speech because of my respect for you.  I must tell you after watching it with out picking sides this is exploitation of a child pure and simple.  You might like what she said and agree with it but to use a child in this manner is just wrong.”

  I have some thoughts about that, but I was wondering If anyone has any ideas on how best to respond to such a comment.

Exploitation? She gave a speech! Babies are having their brains sucked out of their skulls, but giving a speech she wrote is exploiting children? Grow up!