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Full Version: How would you rate your present parish?
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(06-14-2009, 04:42 PM)pocketharpy Wrote: [ -> ]A 10 - fully traditional with a dedicated, holy priest.  We are very fortunate indeed.  We even had High Mass with a procession on Corpus Christi.


so did we.... knees are killing me, that parking lot is rough.

(06-14-2009, 04:41 PM)edomuret Wrote: [ -> ]DFW.  8.5 or 9.  Not because of any heresy or anything unorthodox, but we do not have our own parish and we have to jump through a few hoops sometimes for the Sacraments of initiation.  We have one FSSP priest that jumps back and forth between Dallas and Fort Worth for Masses.  Solid orthodoxy though.

We did that too but now we got a 10 in North Richland Hills and Sanger, same distance since all TLMs in Dallas are 1 hr away no matter where we move

Geographical oddity 1 hr from everywhere:

No more hoops.

Now Baptism and everything else is as easy as this...

I attend a N.O. parish, so I would rate it as follows:

- The Mass: 3.  Our priest ad libs a lot, and the atmosphere is very casual (i.e. no reverence).

- The priest: 3.  He's a good man with good intentions.  Enough said.

- The people of the parish: 10!!!  We have many great and loving members of our parish.  :)

Is this the territorial parish? Because I never go to mine for Mass. It's awful. It's probably in the negative numbers.
My SSPX Chapel and priest rates a "10". I'm so grateful to have found this jewel of traditional Catholicism - preserved in all its majesty.
(06-14-2009, 12:15 PM)augusztina Wrote: [ -> ]Front Royal Virginia.    
THE Neo-Con Capital of the Country!
A place most prominent on the minds of authors Christopher Ferrara and Thomas Woods when they wrote "The Great Facade."
This place even stinks!..literally!  You can't even open your windows because of the smell.
Don't go to Front Royal...
I'll give our FSSP church a 9.5.  The half-point off is basically because we've only had it here for six months, so we're still learning and getting used to some things.  But with a properly done TLM daily and twice on Sundays, Adoration every Thursday, and religion classes and Scripture study available, we're extremely lucky.  I wouldn't give any other church I've been to here more than a 5, and you have to go very early in the morning before the huggers wake up to get that.

We had a Corpus Christi procession today too!  My first time for anything like that.  It felt very European or South American or something, to go praying out in public; certainly not the sort of thing that comes naturally to Midwestern Catholics.  Since it was our first time, we kept it short and simple, going around one block and only stopping traffic (a few cars and a Baptist church bus) to cross the street a couple times.  Maybe next time we'll be more ambitious.  I think we had about 60 people or so in the procession.
My actual NO Parish -10
THe other NO parish 31/2 ish.
My SSPX 10
My SSPV 10

I now exclusivly attend the SSPX and SSPV.
Why would you go to the SSPV?
I gave our parish (Our Lady Help of Christians ) a +++ because we use pre 1962 missals/Mass.  We are not Sedes but our priest are not afraid for one moment to point out the wrong in the NO religion. 
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