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Full Version: Name The Most Conservative Jesuit University
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I realize that conservative Jesuit is an oxymoron, so I thought this thread might be fun. If you had to name the most conservative or traditional Jesuit university what would it be and why?  ;D

pax vobiscum

It's probably one of the smaller ones, but I don't know.  Dedalus goes to Rockhurst, someone else goes to Creighton.  They might be able to comment.
Sort of depends what you're looking for: Gonzaga has a good music school, and Creighton has good science, classics, and philosophy. Stay away from the theology, though.
The question isn't about the best school, it's about the most conservative or traditional.
This should be a nice, short list.
Where is the threat with a question phrased slightly in a different direction where i can answer: Loyola Univ of Chicago?

Beyond disappointment, i have to have something to show for that student loan....of course, they never did say they were "Chicago's Catholic University", i believe the ad at the time stated "Chicago's Jesuit University"
"Jesuit" and "Catholic" being mutually exclusive terms.  Just sayin'.
It's sure not my Alma Mater, St. Louis University.
What university does Fr. Mitch Pacwa teach at?  He's a Jesuit, and very orthodox.  (Or maybe he doesn't teach at the university level any more?)
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