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Full Version: SSPX persecution in Britain
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A propos of the attempt by the SSPX to buy a disused Anglican Church in Manchester

When the SSPX recently expressed an interest in purchasing a disused Anglican Church in Manchester, the local Diocese asked the community for any objections. The "community" didn't mind, but Liberal Democrat Gorton councillor Jackie Pearcey told the BBC that "Although the Pope is rehabilitating this group back into the Catholic Church, the fact remains that this sect promotes views on a whole range of issues which are unacceptable in the 21st century" and "It is astonishing that the Church of England feels that this is an acceptable use for St George's Church." [1]
As the Liberal Democrats have a code of conduct that is definitely very 21st century, which includes electing as their leaders alchoolics, [2] male prostitute-using-corophiliac-homossexuals (I won’t explain that one!) [3], and pushing for the legalization of full sexual intercourse between a 17-and-a-half year-olds and 13-year-olds [4], it is not at all surprising to find that one of their concillors thinks that Traditionalist Catholics defend "views on a whole range of issues which are unacceptable in the 21st century".
Of course, what spiked Pearcey was not just that, but the public questioning by Bishop Williamson on the sacrossant number of the 6 million jewish victims of the Holocaust, and the existence of gas chambers at Nazi camps.
It is interesting that Jackie Pearcey found the time to voice her opinions, or the opinions of whoever paid her to voice them through her gob, but never condemned any of the real religious extreminst that live in her midst, like for example, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), that not only promote hate against Christians in India, but actually run paramilitaries who rape, maim and mass murder Christians and Muslims converts in India [5] and [6]. The VHP have branches in Manchester as well as many other parts of the UK, but that doesn't seem to irate Pearcey or the Liberal Democrats.

3 "Street of Shame", Private Eye, No. 1151, 3rd February - 16 February 2006

What are your thoughts on the matter? And, did I go too far? If I did I apologise, I'm not used to write to forums and stuff...

Go figure.  It's not unexpected.  Sad but not unexpected.

"Freedom for all, except those people."

Welcome to being part of "those" people.
Sad, very sad.
so did the heretic angicans decide to sell it to a condo corp for development instead? or whats was the decision? i would be greatly insulted if this idiot had something nice to say about the brave society.
shit stinks and liberals or wannabe what ever they are mouths wreak of it.
The SSPX has had a church in Manchester for over twenty years, and there have not yet been any casualties reported.

So two of the Liberal Party MPs are coprophiles.  That's disgusting.   Hitler had the same perversion, according to the authors of the book The Pink Swastika.  Hitler was referred to as 'The Little Corporal' in war propaganda, but he never achieved the rank of corporal during WW I, remaining only a private.  I think the term corporal was possibly confused with coprophile.
Pedroinlondon Wrote:and pushing for the legalization of full sexual intercourse between a 17-and-a-half year-olds and 13-year-olds

So long as they're married, what's the big deal? Even from a biological point of view, those are those most fertile years a couple will have.

Quote:Traditionalist Catholics defend "views on a whole range of issues which are unacceptable in the 21st century".

Hi y'all. I started this discussion not to talk about teen sex (btw, I don't think they were talking about MARRIED teenagers), sexual perversions or any other issue other than the persecution of the SSPX in Britain, when compared with the positive treatement that other religions and "religions" enjoy. I'd like to know if other people know of other relevant cases and, peraphs, ideas to counter balance the situation. Sorry if I didn't explain myself.
Is he Anglican?  If so, I think he's within his right to fight against the sale of an Anglican Church. 

If the British Government took some sort of action (formal action), then I'd be worried.  But, as of now, it's just selling a building to a different party. 

Would you oppose the sale of an Anglican church building to Muslims?
most anglican churches in britain have been stolen from catholics or are on stolen catholic land. the point is even if this is an anglican most anglicans would support selling their churches to playboy or mosques well before even considering to sell to catholics
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