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Full Version: A FEAST FOR EYES AND EARS: FI Houses around the world
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Want to have some good news and a little soul refreshment?  Take the time to enjoy this video!

A feast for eyes and ears here!
Ave Maria!

FiNews – Video of FI Houses Around the World
Friday, July 3rd, 2009
Ave Maria!

This slide show is set to music and has several photos of each house of our order. The text is in Italian. It is a bit long because we had about 46 houses in 2008 when this video was made, and several more opened since. Many of these houses are immense spiritual, historical and artistic treasures of the Catholic Church. Since we are one of the few orders that are growing in Italy and elsewhere, bishops are begging us to take over these sanctuaries. And since we had over 150 young men enter our order this year alone, we will be accepting many more of these offers in the future.  Deo Gratias!

From and see

[Image: sacra-culla-2.jpg]

Ok--this one is only 10 minutes and is in Italian but no language is needed here. The images speak for themselves. Enjoy these signts and sounds too.

[Image: Tarquinia2]