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Full Version: Bp W Column, 7.18.09
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Whereas "Eleison Comments" ten weeks ago said that the split between Catholic Authority and Catholic Truth was responsible for today's incomparable ruination of the Church, a recent objector said that such a split was unthinkable because Catholic Truth comes through Catholic Authority. The brief answer is: normally, yes; today, no. Let us see that the objection is mistaken, and then why.

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Why it had become the reality he used to explain by the preceding 500 years of Church history: Protestantism rose up against Catholicism, and once it had established itself in the face of Catholicism it gave rise to Liberalism, whereby all "truths" are as good as one another. For a time such nonsense was resisted by what remained still of men's common sense and Faith, and especially by the Catholic churchmen -- Authority still clung to Truth -- but eventually, at the Council, these churchmen too gave up resisting. If the sun goes on sinking, eventually it sets. If you go on drinking, eventually you get drunk. If the tide goes on and on rising, eventually it goes over the top of all dikes built to hold it back.

But why did they stop resisting? I think there may be multiple answers for that, all of which most likely have as their source the devil.