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Full Version: All 44 Catholic Churches that closed in Allentown diocese PA
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I went to college in Bethlehem in the 80's and it was truly wonderful to see a Catholic church literally every few blocks.  It is so sad that the Catholics just aren't there to support these parishes anymore.

It seems like some of these tiny towns had three churches in them, and they all closed?  Really sad.  And some actually looked like newer churches.

St. Roch's in Bangor was where the TLM was said by the late great Msgr. Moss. (not sure where it is being said currently).

(07-21-2009, 09:48 PM)WhollyRoaminCatholic Wrote: [ -> ]Even if dioceses had enough money to keep these afloat, there are not enough priests to staff them.

Pray for priests.  And encourage your sons, nephews, grandsons and neighborhood boys to keep their ears open to the Lord's call.

Yes this is the resolution.
That's really sad.

I hope they save the relics and all of the great traditional things like Confessionals, crucifixes, Stations of the Cross, etc....
Ok, here's the deal: my father in law's church was sold to Moslems oh about ten years back. So, it's not in these pictures. It was St. Stanislaus Kostka, Shamokin, PA. Before the author here even started making their list.

So make that 45 churches, not 44.
(07-23-2009, 07:10 AM)verenaerin Wrote:I grew up there and will probably be moving back when my hubby finishes school. There is a strong core Latin Mass community with a great priest. He and others want to start their own Latin Mass parish. There is a church and school they would like to take over. Please say some prayers that this might happen. It would be amazing to have the kind of parish and school for my family that my mom grew up in.

I am sure the late Msgr. Moss is interceding for us. He was a bastion of faith and the holiest most uncompromising priest I ever knew.

If it happens please keep me posted. We may be moving in a couple years. PA is definitely a possibility.
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