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Full Version: "I'm the Bishop of the Moon"
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A Catholic angle on the Moon landing anniversary:

Quote:There's a story here in Baltimore about our beloved Archbishop-emeritus-emeritus, William D. Borders. He was ordained bishop in 1968 and made the first Bishop of Orlando, Florida. The new diocese encompassed central Florida and included Cape Canaveral, from where, the following year, Apollo 11 launched, bound for the Moon. After that historic launch and lunar landing, with all the images of our astronauts walking, golfing, and planting the flag, Borders made an ad limina visit to Rome to meet with Paul VI. During their meeting, Borders rather nonchalantly observed, "You know, Holy Father, I am the bishop of the Moon." Pope Paul looked at him rather perplexed - probably wondering where along the line this American prelate lost his mind. Borders then continued by explaining that by the existing (1917) Code of Canon Law, he was the de facto ordinary of this "newly discovered" territory.
No indication of whether there's any TLM provision up there.
Will this be  titular appointment.......???
LOL! If mankind ever colonizes outer space, then yes there will be churches and thus dioceses up there in the stars.
Yes we will, and Walter Miller told us the Vatican has a spaceship. ;D
Bishop Borders.  :angrywom: Destroyed so many churches here. The current bishop is making the cathedral a little more Catholic looking, but Bishop Borders and the old pastors back then wrecked every thing high and low. Too bad he didn't travel with them.
This is reminding me of way too many Science Fiction games I have played in the past.

For Example:

Long story (and I am a nerd). But does anyone want to some day see a great cathedral in space with floating, low gravity candles and stained glass windows to contain the atmosphere and uses of mirrors to contain the little light that enters from a further distant sun?

...................Or not...............
Such a declaration would certainly qualify this bishop as a "lune".



Sorry, I just had to.