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My name is Max, and I live in the Netherlands. I recently rediscovered Catholicism and found faith, after chancing upon a brochure about Sister Faustina Kowalska, which a friend of my wife left at our place. I came across this forum as a result of a Google query on the Holy Rosary.

I was raised a Catholic, but it never resonated with me, probably because our parish was very, very post-Vaticanum II. The church my family frequented was a lifeless, modern Le Corbusier-ish structure built in the early sixties, without any sort of decoration inside that I can remember. There was one abstract statue of St. Joseph. The church was demolished a few years ago but the statue was salvaged:

[Image: dom3w4.jpg]

Not really my taste.

I now attend (Latin) Mass at a beautiful historic church.

Last week, I went to Confession for the first time in my life,and afterwards I felt so relieved that I could not stop crying.

I'm trying hard to convert my wife now.

Welcome!    Cheers!    I'm so glad you have found the fullness of the faith and are happy! You will enjoy this forum I am sure.
Welcome, Hopefully you will get all the answers to your questions
Good for you.  Hi!
[Image: smiley-greet013.gif]

howdy and welcome!
Onthaal aan het forum, Max!

Cool smiley, Underdog.
Welcome aboard.  It looks like they should have demolished the statue along with the church.....

Good luck on converting your wife; my only (unsolicited) advice would be that nothing will speak louder than your own attempt at personal holiness (without being too overbearing about it......). 
Hello and welcome!

Now, to undo the effects of that statue....
[Image: Basilica%2Bof%2BSaint%2BLouis,%2BKing%2B...BJesus.jpg]
                                                                    ....much better Big Grin
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