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Note-sorry, just got this info recently, prayers for him and his family if you all will....
Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation

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For me You have created the skies scattered with stars . . . and all the beautiful things on earth

(St. Maximilian Kolbe)

June 15, 2009

Dear Friends of the Kolbe Center,

Pax Christi!

One of the pioneers of the movement to defend the traditional Catholic doctrine of creation, Gerry Keane, died in Melbourne, Australia, on Saturday, June 13.  It was a Saturday, the feast of St. Anthony of Padua, and the anniversary of the second apparition of Our Lady of Fatima.  It was fitting that Gerry should enter eternity on that particular anniversary, because at Fatima Our Lady warned mankind that if her requests were heeded Russia would be converted and there would be peace, but that otherwise Russia would “spread her errors throughout the world.”  At some point in his life Gerry realized that the principal error that had been embraced by Lenin and the leaders of the Bolshevik regime and then spread throughout the world was evolutionism.  It was faith in evolution as the unconscious “blind watchmaker” of the universe that had led Lenin and Stalin to abandon the Christian faith of their childhood and it was faith in evolution that was inculcated in the unfortunate citizens of the new communist regimes in Russia, China, and elsewhere.

Bishop O’Gara, missionary bishop of Yuanling, in China, observed that when the Communist troops over-ran his diocese:

they were followed in very short order by the propaganda corps … an organization, if anything, more disciplined, more zealous, more fanatical, than the People’s Army of Liberation itself. The entire population … was immediately organized into distinctive categories … Everyone, for a week or more, was forced to attend the seminar specified for his or her proper category and … in servile submission listen to the official Communist line. Now what … was the first lesson given to the indoctrinees? … The very first, the fundamental, lesson given was man’s descent from the ape – Darwinism! This naturally shocked the Christian … The non-Christians … were equally antagonistic to the ape theory because from time immemorial the Chinese people in a nebulous sort of way had believed in a Supreme Being, in a soul and in an existence after death which Darwinism negates. Are you surprised that the Chinese Communists choose Darwinism as the corner-stone upon which to build their new political structure? At first this surprised me … Later on when in a Red jail the reason for this unanticipated tactic became very obvious to me . . . Darwinism negates God, the human soul, the after-life.  Into this vacuum communism enters as the be-all and the end-all of the intellectual slavery it has created.

Through intense study, Gerry came to realize that while faith in atheistic evolution had been used to destroy the faith of millions, attempts to combine the Catholic Faith with evolution were also having a devastating effect on Christianity all over the world.  He saw that a god who would deliberately create a world full of death, disease, deformities, and harmful mutations—and who would use mutations over millions of years to evolve a subhuman primate body into a receptacle for a human soul—was not the all-knowing, all-loving God revealed in Jesus Christ and proclaimed by the Fathers and Doctors of the Church.  He observed that a widespread loss of faith and lukewarmness attended the rejection of the traditional Catholic doctrine of creation, which was rooted in reverence for the inerrant Word of God, and for the constant teaching of the Fathers, Doctors, Popes and Councils.

Although a carpenter by trade and lacking in formal education, Gerry had tremendous curiosity, common sense, and a deep desire to know and defend the truth.  He wrote well, spoke well, and articulated the arguments for and against the evolutionary hypothesis effectively.  In 1991 TAN Books published the first edition of his great work Creation Rediscovered.  Then, in 1999, TAN published a second edition.  Through these two editions of Creation Rediscovered, Gerry built on the work of Australian author Wallace Johnson by offering a thoughtful defense of the traditional Catholic doctrine of creation and an insightful exposition of the errors of atheistic evolution, theistic evolution, and progressive creation from the perspective of theology, philosophy, and natural science. 

After the publication of the second edition of Creation Rediscovered, Gerry made a speaking tour of the United States.  I met him for the first time after a talk that he gave at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Front Royal, Virginia, and I spoke to him of my dream—to start a Catholic apostolate that would provide a forum for Catholic theologians, philosophers, and natural scientists who reject evolution and who adhere to the traditional Catholic doctrine of creation.  Gerry was one of the first people I met who unequivocally endorsed the mission of the Kolbe Center and who helped to make it a reality.  Gerry attended all three of the international conferences held by the Kolbe Center in the United States, and each time he had important, original contributions to make.  Gerry also joined forces with Pat Barrett in New Zealand and with other friends in Australia to make it possible for me to visit Australia and New Zealand, to speak about the work of the Kolbe Center.  My youngest son and I had the opportunity to stay with Gerry and his wife Ann in their home in Melbourne, and at their summer home in Philip Island. 

During my visit to Australia, I was reminded of Our Lord’s words in the Gospel: “A prophet is not without honor, except in his own country and in his native place.”  It was apparent that, although individual Catholics appreciated Gerry’s prophetic witness to the truth of the traditional Catholic doctrine of creation, most of the institutions of the Catholic Church in Australia—the schools, the universities, and even the lay apostolates approved by the Church—for the most part ignored and dismissed Gerry’s work.  And yet as an outsider I could see quite clearly that Gerry offered the perfect antidote to the widespread indifference, irreverence, and distrust that characterized so many Catholics in Australia and throughout the so-called “developed world.”

Gerry was saddened by this lack of appreciation for his work, but he never became embittered.  Precisely because he believed in the infinite goodness and wisdom of God—which is terribly compromised by theistic evolution—Gerry trusted that the gates of hell would not prevail against the Church, and that the Truth of the Catholic Faith would emerge victorious.  To the very end of his life Gerry contributed to that victory, especially through his writing and research.  In recent years, he wrote a condensed version of Creation Rediscovered entitled Special Creation Rediscovered and was the primary author of an important study of the meaning of “yom” or “day” in Genesis 1, in the light of the teaching of the Fathers and of St. Thomas Aquinas.  In that study, he demonstrated that St. Thomas and the Fathers offer a united testimony in favor of fiat creation and the literal historical interpretation of Genesis 1-11. 

Gerry was living proof that a person’s understanding of creation profoundly shapes his understanding of the Creator.  He never ceased to delight in God’s handiwork—especially in the marvelous variety of creatures in his native country: in that evolutionists’ nightmare, the platypus; in the talkative parrot that greeted one with “G’day, mate!” at one of the zoos that we visited between Melbourne and Philip Island; or in the penguins, whose majestic march from the sea we witnessed together on Philip Island at sunset one evening.  Gerry knew that the God who had made a perfectly harmonious world for mankind in the beginning of creation was the same God who took human flesh, suffered and died to atone for the sins that had shattered the beauty and harmony of that first-created world.  He knew that the Word of that God was trustworthy, and he placed all of his trust in Him and in the Blessed Mother who clothed the Eternal Word with her own flesh.

On the Last Day, I believe that Gerry will be immensely delighted to see the great number of souls—including mine—whose lives were immeasurably enriched by his life and work.  As we continue to remember him and his family in our prayers, let us not forget to ask for his intercession, as we carry on the struggle that he waged so valiantly and draw strength from his words:

How awesome and how consoling it is, while living in this troubled world, to realize that we are dearly, personally loved by God!  The Creator of this wondrous Universe—with its beautiful creatures, lovely flowers, delightful colors, and pleasant aromas—deliberately took human form and suffered torture and crucifixion on our behalf.  How dearly must we be loved by God!  The gracious Redeemer wept (as a human) at the news of the death of Lazarus, only (as God) to raise him from the dead.  Does all this not draw us to our knees in awe!  Let us trust Jesus Christ implicitly in all things, prayerfully seek inner transformation in our lives through Him, and re-evangelize the world anew with the truth of Special Creation! (Gerard J. Keane, concluding paragraph, Special Creation Rediscovered)

Yours in Christ,

Hugh Owen

Belloc, we'll all pray for the repose of his noble soul, and for the healing and comfort of his loved ones left behind.
(07-22-2009, 06:53 PM)HailGilbert Wrote: [ -> ]Belloc, we'll all pray for the repose of his noble soul, and for the healing and comfort of his loved ones left behind.

I enjoyed his shorts, they were to the point and good info to ponder:

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Yes please pray for his family right now - I know them well and they need prayers.