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Full Version: Pres health bill
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The president referred to end of life issues as a means to cut cost. Will the elderly or terminally ill be denied treatment (as in Fla. with Terri Schindler Schiavo) because it is more cost effective? In either case there aren't always treatments that will show improvements only treaments to slow progression of an illness or to stabilize. It appears the president wants to give these "a happy pill" Is this the back door to euthanasia or assisted suicide as in other countries?
[size=10pt][size=10pt]this should probably be moved to general news but it is very very important please listen to interview and pass it on.
Sent by a friend.  Very revealing.


Click here: Fred Thompson: Interviews

Betsy McCaughley is probably one of the few people who has read all 1400 pages of the proposed health care bill and points out many things that you will be shocked at, including whether or not there's any point of having any medical care for certain conditions to help us live longer. You will not believe what she has to say is in this bill!

Obama and his administration don't want us to know what is really going on, so they can ramrod this one through Congress just like they did the stimulus package before the public can find out what is in this horrible piece of legislation.  This is only some of the contents buried in 1400 pages.