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Full Version: Satans Penthouse???
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Pay particular attention to the art work, especially the dining room shot.
( I dont actually belive this to be Satans penthouse, but a very likely candidate, if satan went apt shopping)
no biggy> thats nothin u should see some joints ive been in through me days
that was less then mild
sip sip
I like it!
I think my eyes would go all bloodshot after one day.
I don't think satan would have a picture of JPII hanging in his dining room.  The parlour, maybe, but not the dining room.  I like the motorcycle in the bar (?) area.  ;D
I would love that place actually! I don't like light...
Artwork and decorations aside, I like it as well. Except for it is to open (no doors on the rooms). I like hallways secret pathways. If I could build my dream home it would have a maze of hallways just to get to my office area.  :laughing:
I could see doing one room in black, a man's library. I actually was looking at, "Traditional Home Magazine" just yesterday and they had a picture of a black den, which was pretty great.

In art school I had a friend who painted his studio black. He did the most amazing paintings in that studio. Very talented. But then he had a bad case of depression, not good to be in a black room with depression.

Unexpected to see the painting of JPII in the dining room, isn't it?
I think Satan's Penthouse would have a lot more mirrors and a much bigger fridge and there would be pictures of him everywhere.  He'd have a great indoor sound system so he could pipe in the sounds of the screams of the damned.  He'd also have 360 degree city views.  

Edited to add:  He'd have a giant picture of Tony Robbins in the dining room.

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