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Full Version: I wanna leave America, where do I go?
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Yup.  You read it.  I want out!  This place is turnin' into Cuba FAST!

So, where could my family and I go?  Which would be the best/safest place for a Catholic family like us? 

The wife is from the Philippines, and I know it's a good country there, although it's third world.  I really like hearing about Malta.  And I've heard some nice things about Ecuador's history, though, I am not sure if Ecuador is such a great place today. 

Where is an okay place to move if I'm to leave this soon-to-be-prison State of America?  Any ideas?
I would suggest finding a more suitable place in the USA.

If that doesn't work, I recommend you move to Sudan, South Africa or Libya. You could try Sri Lanka or Vietnam or China as well.

If nothing else, you'll see how the USA is not so bad Wink
You could always try some of the old Catholic countries of Europe such as Spain, Portugal, and France. They are apostate now, but there are traditional Catholics there.
The only place in Asia with a high quality of life is Japan, a nice quiet country, but it is pagan with very little Catholics, though the faith can be practiced without problems.
Columbia and Argentina are the best destinations in South America.
The Catholic countries of Central America could be good enough if you join their Americanized middle class communities that are being built.
Malta or Portugal? Shrug

I would mention Vatican City but the sedes might take away my fishies.
You could believe, until given a strong reason otherwise, that God placed you here for a reason, and stay put.
If my martyrdom is coming, I'm not running from it.

[Image: 300px-Domine%2C_quo_vadis%3F.jpg]

St. Peter was fleeing Rome to avoid persecution, when he met Our Lord who told him he was returning to Rome to be crucified.  St. Peter turned around and faced his martyrdom.

You might want to ponder that one. Just sayin.
What makes you think that these countries would allow you to immigrate?
Texas!   Sticking tongue out at you


Are you looking for a place of extreme isolation where no one is ever likely to bother you or a quaint community of trad Catholic families?
Go to the County Cork, Ireland. "The People's Republic of Cork"
stay and fight lad. dont leave your nation to the comming commie hordes now. she needs you. find a save place. bunker down. arm get some wee beasts for company and to tear intruders to pieces.  when it comes
take em all out.
when it hits im commin down. to help me American brothers kill reds. so u see. this could be an opportunity for you to score one for the good guys.
sip sip
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