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Full Version: Everyone Loves a Clown
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Lanesvilles Father Mike swaps students for a parish Wrote:The Rev. Mike Hilderbrand offered spiritual and scholastic guidance to Our Lady of Providence students for more than three decades.

He advised and assisted, coaxed and cajoled them — 4,710 according to his calculations.

But as students return to the Clarksville school this month, he won't be there to greet them. Instead, Father Mike, as he is known, is settling into a new job as pastor of St. Mary Catholic Church in Lanesville.

Hilderbrand, 61, will take his good humor with him, as well as a drawing of Jesus laughing that greeted students who visited his office.

“The basis of my life is Jesus — his life,” Hilderbrand said. “And the way I look at it, he had to have a sense of humor.”

At St. Mary, Hilderbrand replaces the Rev. Harold Ripperger, who retired recently after presiding over the rural Harrison County church for 20 years.

In addition to the drawing of Jesus, St. Mary parishioners may even see a few of Hilderbrand's unusual hats. He collected and received hats over the years and often could be seen wearing one while directing traffic at Providence. He said he saved a few of his more unusual acquisitions to “spice up a homily or two.”

Susie Gerth, a St. Mary parishioner whose two daughters graduated from Providence, said at a welcoming reception in mid-July that she expects him to enliven the parish.

“He's just got such a wonderful personality,” she said. “He's just such a happy person and you can't help but be happy around him.”

Parishioner Darrell Voelker also welcomed Hilderbrand and observed that he shares a chronological connection to him. Voelker graduated from Providence in 1977 — Hilderbrand's first school year there — and his daughter Elizabeth graduated in 2009 — Hilderbrand's last.

“I was delighted to hear that he was coming here,” Voelker said. “I was happy with him as a counselor at Providence because I know he did a great job. I mean, the e-mails he sent throughout the senior year” providing information students needed — “a great job.”

Hilderbrand had the single longest-running assignment in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis at the time of his reassignment. He also was the last priest serving full time in a high school in the archdiocese, which covers Central and Southern Indiana.

“Being at a Catholic high school,” he said, “has been a great opportunity over the years to work with kids to show them that the church cares about them — that the church is with them and the church is them. It was a great opportunity that I was given to be there that long.”

But given today's shortage of priests, it came as no surprise that he would one day have to leave the school to lead a parish, he said.

He said the archdiocese's personnel office contacted him periodically over the years and asked if he wanted a new assignment. He would think about what that meant, but never chose to do so. “I've got a master's and a specialist's degree in counseling and that was what I was trained to do. And so they permitted me to stay there.”

Hilderbrand said that Archbishop Daniel Buechlein suggested a year ago that his time at Providence might be drawing to a close. So when the phone call came informing him of the decision, Hilderbrand said he put it into perspective.

The new job, he said, represented “the needs of the diocese — that's why I've been ordained.”

Hilderbrand had lived and assisted at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Jeffersonville for many years and would fill in on a short-term basis as an administrator when other local parishes had a pastor who was sick or retiring.

But becoming a full-time administrator in a parish will challenge him to grow, he said.

“Each time (a group of students) would go on,” he observed of his role at Providence, “I would prepare them to move on. I was the guy telling them, ‘OK, here's your transition. Here are some of the things you need to know.' ”

Now that he's at St. Mary, he finds others doing that for him. “I always helped somebody else. But now I find people coming forward to help me in my transition, especially my brother priests.”

Still, he said a part of his heart will always remain with his old job. “It's a phenomenal school — a school that I've seen kids grow up in and come back and send their kids there.”

Providence principal Mindy Ernstberger said Providence was blessed to have Hilderbrand for so many years. “His influence on the personal lives of our current students and numerous alumni will be felt for decades,” she said.

Hilderbrand said he plans to remain a part of Providence. He expects to help out with the senior retreat, and to continue as chaplain of the football team, a position he's held since the 1976 season, for coach Gene Sartini.

Hilderbrand said that when Sartini, who has often mentioned retiring himself, learned Hilderbrand would be leaving, he asked the priest if he'd be staying in the area. Hilderbrand said he told him that he'd stay on as chaplain if the coach stayed.

“Well, then,” Sartini told him, “I'm coming back.”

no shame in wearing a clown hat during Mass?  sad
(08-05-2009, 02:31 PM)Rosarium Wrote: [ -> ]I didn't have any problems copying and pasting the article (Opera on Debian).

Thanks. I'm not exactly what you'd call computer literate.
He has the same affliction as has most parents in society, he wants to be their friends. What in the world was that hat he was wearing directing traffic? More importantly don't they trust the boys to be patrol boys, anymore, or must they be sheltered from that too!!
real clowns are eviiiiiiiiiiiiiil!!!! Fish-Eater Smackdown LOL
(08-06-2009, 03:42 AM)Ravenonthecross Wrote: [ -> ]real clowns are eviiiiiiiiiiiiiil!!!! Fish-Eater Smackdown LOL

Even Red Skelton?