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Full Version: SSPX Retreat - Phoenix or Los Gatos?
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I plan on going on the 5 day Ignatian retreat here soon and was wondering  which was more preferable.

The Los Gatos retreat house appears to be on wooded, secluded land from what I can tell while Our Lady of Sorrows is located in the city and I'm not sure how such a location can be conducive to contemplation.

Has anyone been to either of these locations and how was it?

Los Gatos is very nice. It is heavily-wooded and very spacious (Sits directly on top of the San Andreas Fault My wife has been to Phoenix and Ridgefield, She liked both. Apples and oranges though.

The desert is probably a great place for a retreat house. Our Lord went there for 40 days to fast and pray, as have many saints.
I haven't been on retreat in Arizona, however I have been to Los Gatos twice. 

It's definatly "rustic" (watch out for the steep driveway) and you sleep in a cabin san water.  The showers are in a central cabin.  The chapel used to be a horse barn.  I like to think of it as a new manger :).  However, the weather will be beautiful and there is plenty of time to walk the extensive trails and meditate. 

In reality Los Gatos is only 10 minutes away from town and 3 minutes drive from the highway so I'm not sure what your idea of secluded is.  Being at the top of a hill allows you to not hear the city, or the neighbors (except maybe the pig) and with 40 acres of trees it at least gives the ILLUSION of being between heaven and earth.  Plus, Fr. Emily is an extremely holy man and you'll learn a lot from him. 

Have to admit that I say Los Gatos because it's where I was married!  Maybe it's hard to see but in the far background is the manger and on the right is the house / kitchen etc. 

[Image: 3807118284_0f15f66a3b.jpg]
[Image: 3806316575_be4931b4a0.jpg]
Thanks for the pics and info everyone.

I'm thinking CA is a little too far so will probably end up at PHX. I've been to Our Lady of Sorrows before and it's right smack in the city - a little on the outskirts but once you leave the parking lot it's nothing but streets with constant traffic.

So what do you do at the PHX location after the talks are over? Go for a walk down the streets? Go to the sports bar? :-)