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Full Version: Liberation and Communion?
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I met some really great people at my university that seem to have a really strong faith. They recently invited me to join a group/organization thing called "Communion and Liberation".. normally I would have held no reserve on such a thing considering how impressed I was by their example, but they did mention that it sometimes got a bad rep (but didn't elaborate). If anyone knows anything about this group specifically, fill me in.

Is it like an uber charismatic group or something? I profess a more contemplative style of worship, but really have nothing against that charism. I ask you guys cause we seem to be on the same page about liturgy, theology, etc.  Thoughts?
It was founded in 1954. From what I can see online, they look pretty solid, with articles defending the Pope's lifting of the excommunications and his statements about AIDS.

It's possible they get a "bad rap" for being conservative.
Go a few times and see for yourself if it's orthodox. But if they supported the lifting of the excommunications, they're probably conservative.
I don't know. And after hunting down their website and reading some "What is CL?", I still don't know.

It seems to be written in bureaucratese - very much like V2 documents - in that there is a lot of verbage but no concise answers.  Can anyone decipher this?
Quote:The essence of the charism given to Communion and Liberation can be signaled by three factors.

first of all, the announcement that God became man (the wonder, the reasonableness, the enthusiasm for this): “The Word was made flesh and dwells among us.”

secondly, the affirmation that this man – Jesus of Nazareth dead and risen – is a present event in a “sign” of “communion,” i.e., of unity of a people guided, as a guarantee, by a living person, ultimately the Bishop of Rome;

thirdly: only in God made man, man, therefore only in His presence and, thus only through – in some way – the experienceable form of His presence (therefore, ultimately only within the life of the Church) can man be truer and mankind be truly more human. St Gregory Nazianzen writes, “If I were not Yours, my Christ, I would feel like a finished creature”. It is thus from His presence that both morality and the passion for the salvation of man (which is mission) spring up.

Can't they just say something like, "Our charism is teaching"? Or "Evangelization"? Or "Helping the poor"? Or "Running hospitals"?

In my thinking, any group that has a nondescript name and a vague mission statement is hiding something. What if they make Opus Dei look like hedonists?

Most of my friends from college were CL people (my sister and brother-in-law still attend "meetings" (they call it "school of community") every week and attend their retreats often).  I attended several meetings while in college (I mostly attended CLU - Communion and Liberation University), but it was never really my thing.  There is a lot of emphasis on personal experience and experiencing Jesus in everyday life, especially in relationships with others.  I think in general it is ok, but it probably depends a lot on the other people there.  I've been to meetings where people just complain about their day and then somehow relate it to God.  And I've also been to meetings where people say some really beautiful things about faith, love, sacrifice, etc.  One really annoying thing (at least to me) is that they have their own language.  This might not be everywhere, but I was sometimes completely lost because people kept using lingo that I couldn't follow.  I'd say go and see what you think.  If its not your type of thing or if people at the meeting are promoting error, don't go back. 
I've heard from some that there are a lot of neurotic types that make up the membership.
ive read guasani. i went to an CL meeting once and i dare say all it was was a bunch o dry students intellectually masturbating over themes within themes of lines within paragraphs of communion within layers of community. when i woke up i had a pinch in my neck and i never went back. if your going to bore the world to Christ then they got something going.