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Full Version: looking for old church slavonic missal (Tridentine rite, latin script)
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I'm looking for a new copy of the "Glagolitic Missal" of Croatia, anyone know if any exist or if anyone is planning to print some? If they do they would probably be in Latin alphabet....

I doubt there are any reprints of it in Glagolitic alphabet but that would be good too (even better if there some out there in Cyrillic....) 
They are around. Though rare. If u have one a local croat cultural center or church would help. I have held one and flipped through one. I regret not buyong it. I'm a sucker for missals in languages I don't get.
This is very hard to find, either in the Glagolitic alphabet or the Latin one.   There is also a Novus Ordo missal in Church Slavonic (with Latin letters), but it is rarely used, and also hard to find.  There was an interesting post a while back on this subject at :

Regarding the so-called Glagolitic, or more properly, Roman-Slavonic Use of Croatia, here's what I know:

Just prior to Vatican II, when permissions for the Roman-Slavonic use where probably at their most liberal [during the 19th century there were considerable problems with Italian nationalists and with the governments in Vienna and Budapest], the Roman-Slavonic use was permitted more or less in the whole coastal half of today's Croatia, namely the then dioceses of Porec-Pula, Rijeka, Senj, Krk, Zadar, Sibenik, Split and Hvar. Glagolite priests would use the Roman-Slavonic missal (by 1927 in Latin letters, except for the Mass of the Faithful, which was printed in both Glagolitic and Latin letters for tradition's sake), the Ritual in vernacular Croatian (also true of those parts of Croatia using the straight Roman rite), and the Roman Breviary in Latin. There was also a full Roman-Slavonic Vesperale for the use of the Diocese of Krk, a traditional bastion of the Glagolitic heritage. The Roman-Slavic use was also the exclusive rite of the Croatian province of Third Order Franciscans, who even used for the Divine Office, again up to Vatican II, the last edition of the Roman-Slavonic Breviary, printed in 1791 (!). On the coast, at least, the propers and ordinary were regularly sung by the congregation at Sunday Mass according to the native Glagolitic chant traditions, whereas a Croatian vernacular Singmesse over a low Glagolitic Mass seems to have been more common in the interior. Extensive recordings were made of Glagolitic chant by the Old Church Slavonic Institute (Staroslavenski Institut) in Zagreb during the 60s and 70s whilst the tradition was still in living memory - the Roman-Slavonic use was more or less abandoned wholesale in the mid '60s in favour of vernacular Croatian, making it an urgent project indeed.

The Roman-Slavonic use does live on, in a limited way, as the Croatian Church Slavonic version of the Ordinary Form. There came out, around 1972, the "Čin misi s izbranimi misami" (Ordinary of the Mass with selected Masses), comprising the full Ordo Missae and propers for various significant feasts and occasions. It is in Latin letters, and the text is adapted as much as possible, as I understand it, from the 1927 Missal. Thus, the OF in Croatian Church Slavonic has the rare distinction of having always translated "pro multis" as "for (the) many" ("za mnogije"). There is also a Croatian Church Slavonic OF Vesperale published about ten years ago by the Diocese of Krk, just as its EF predecessor 90 years before it. As far as I'm aware, the Croatian Church Slavonic OF is dusted off and celebrated every now and then, either for historical anniversaries or semi-regularly at locations strongly linked with the Roman-Slavonic use (e.g. the TOR Franciscan Monastery in Zagreb, at Ksaver), e.g. on a first Sunday of the month basis. One encounters mention, on the internet, of the Roman-Slavic use being celebrated privately here and there, and I've even heard that the Roman-Slavonic Mass was said relatively recently for a small group led by an FSSP priest, but I am unaware of any concrete reports of a celebration of the Roman-Slavonic use.

P.S. The only English-language source I know of specifically concerned with the Roman-Slavonic use is "The Glagolitic or Roman-Slavonic Liturgy" by Stephen Smrzik, S.J., Series Cyrillomethodiana, 1959. Interestingly enough, according to its preface, it was published partially to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Congregation of the Sisters of SS. Cyril and Methodius, a religious institute ministering to Slovak immigrants to the States, as well as the accompanying celebration of the Roman-Slavonic Mass three times at the Motherhouse in Danville, PA, by very special permission.

If you want the Roman Mass in Latin with parallel Slavonic in Cyrillic letters, you can find it here, but without the Filioque [EDIT] and with "Patriarch" substituted for "Pope"  :

It looks like the Novus Ordo missal in Slavonic is available here:
many many thanks spasiisochrani! Darn that's some good info and links, I really appreciate it.

Dk - yeah that was my next step, I was also thinking about sending a letter to one of the croation dioceses asking about it.

Dear Tobri,

Pray tell, what is Glagolitic.  Is it an alphabet?  You mentioned the Cyrillic Alphabet.  To provide some other avenue for your quest, I suggest you place your request on the Byzantine Forum.  There is a section on Liturgy, etc.

Slava Isusu Christu.

Slava na viki.
(09-02-2009, 03:36 PM)joepilgrim Wrote: [ -> ]Dear Tobri,

Pray tell, what is Glagolitic.  Is it an alphabet?  You mentioned the Cyrillic Alphabet.  To provide some other avenue for your quest, I suggest you place your request on the Byzantine Forum.  There is a section on Liturgy, etc.

Slava Isusu Christu.

Slava na viki.

Glagolitic is an alphabet which is no longer used in any modern language.  The Roman Slavonic Missal was printed in the Glagolitic alphabet until (I think) 1927, when an edition was printed in the Latin alphabet.  I don't think the Byzantine Forum would be of any help.  Fr. Serge Kelleher once mentioned on that forum that he has been looking for a Roman-Slavonic Missal for years, without success. 
Found it (with help from the New Liturgical Movement site):

And here's the Roman Ritual in Old Slavonic:
I found a link to a pdf of the entire 1927 Roman-Slavonic Missal, used on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia and in parts of Bohemia (Czech Republic).

Click on "Rimski misal na staroslavenskom, 1927."