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Full Version: Exorcist's Warning: do not look at or listen to Obama
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In addition to not looking at or listening to Obama, if you have kids in public school, keep them home tomorrow (Tue Sept. 8 ). That message, plus lots more regarding Catholic education, in a timely sermon given yesterday and posted at

I was wondering who the priest was but I see that they are not to be identified.

It is scary and creepy what is happening in this country. Nay, it is demonic what is happening in this country and the battle for the minds of our children.  In all actuality our young people have been wrongly influenced for many years.

In this audio Father speaks from the reading from today and asks what 'spirit' is at loose in our public (and perhaps some Catholic) schools today?  Are they learning modesty, chastity, charity, and the rest? Or are they indoctinrated into fornication, sexual practices even perverse ones, drunkenness and etc.? We know the answer.

So the president is going to speak to the children in schools and work on them some more.  I read that our largest public high school here is not going to allow this.  As Father says, in NO way do we want this man invited into our classrooms!
I'm glad there's a priest saying not to look at or listen to Obama. He's always given me the creeps.
The same thing is said about the anti-Christ, do not look or listen; you can be hypnotized.
I cannot emphazize enough how important it is to wear you wear your sacramentals and pray the St Michael prayer in the morning.
Cover yourself with the Blood of Christ, the world is full of evil spirits.  I wear my scapular 100% of the time, except in the shower. ( I know; I should)
Padre Pio once said if you could see all the demons in the atmosphere, they would blot out the sun.

Thanks for the link, parvenu74, and welcome to Fisheaters!  :hello!:

It's a good sermon; I only wish he had told us more about what the exorcist said about Obama.  One thing I know is that there are a good many articles online about Obama's use of covert hypnosis.  But I think it's more than that.  The way people idolize him is very troubling.  Since he's gone back on so many promises, the scales have fallen from a lot of eyes but the hard-core Obots continue to worship the man.  It's creepy.
Thank you for posting this.  It is a good reminder of our responsibilities to our children and what the secular world imposes on them. 
(09-07-2009, 01:47 PM)INPEFESS Wrote: [ -> ]Which priest is this? I think I know him.
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(09-07-2009, 02:00 PM)parvenu74 Wrote: [ -> ]
(09-07-2009, 01:47 PM)INPEFESS Wrote: [ -> ]Which priest is this? I think I know him.

Good sermon, and I hope it lights a fire under some people who accept as normal many things that should be kept away from their families.

I think Catholics need to be warned about overblown partisanship, too, though.  While everyone is focusing on Obama and the Democratic left as the enemies, I'm worried they will forget to watch for the vipers that creep up from the Republican right, saying pleasing words, only to bite them and their unaware children in the flank.  Bush and Cheney led too many people away from their Christian faith by the example of their open hypocrisy.  Several big issues gave some people reason to question their place among the Republican right in such a way that they abandoned their party loyalty, but also left sound faith behind, too!  Some people are very vulnerable to these things.  They don't reason it out and see that they must not throw the baby out with the bathwater.  People tend to react strongly, especially during confusing times.  I've seen my share of posts on the internet from people who were blindsided by the scandals of the worldly powers they trusted, and some of those people grew even more suspicious after people on their own side acted like those scandals never happened.  Evil manipulates all sides of everything possible, everywhere possible.  Demonic forces aren't bound to only use one political party.

To me, if we focus too much on one enemy in one direction and neglect to look behind us and to our sides, that's dangerous, too.  Specifically, while those with children have to warn their families that Obama will try and make bad ideology sound good, and that abortion in our days is one of the worst evils in all of human history, they need to understand that when people on the right who say good things, but do bad things, it doesn't mean those good things are wrong.  That's a danger that scares me.  Kids need to be prepared for people who try and discredit everything good using the example of a minority who fall to hypocrisy.  And, being that we're all somewhat hypocritical, or at least prone to it, that's an easy attack against our beliefs.  Other kids might come out with immature arguments grounded on that, and our kids need to be prepared for those common, unsound, immature arguments.

The short of what I'm saying here is:  don't get too focused on only one enemy, don't put too much stock in him, and prepare your kids for other worldly challenges to their faith, too.  I don't think partisan panic serves anyone's spiritual welfare.  I think there are many people as dangerous as Obama.

parvenu74:  Did you word the title to imply that looking at or listening to Obama puts one at risk of demonic possession?  That wording is fairly sensationalistic, unlike the sermon.  If that danger exists with Obama, then, aside from what is blatantly sinful and impure, we need to make a list of many common things that we can't look at or listen to at all due to subtle evil waiting to slip through the door, and we almost may as well never leave our homes. 

I agree readily that too many people are spiritually vulnerable.  God willing, I doubt many people who are praying and under the protection of Our Lady have much to worry about on that front, though.  Obama isn't stronger than our prayers, and, though it's not simple and easy to silence the voices of those who speak spiritually dangerous ideologies, our prayers will do a great deal to counteract whatever diabolical influence there is.  We can move mountains through faith.  They can't.
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