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Full Version: REAL CATHOLIC TV: A daily and most worthy thing to view
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Every day there is very timely and insighful commentary on what is happening in the American Church. Today's commentary is on the sudden pro-life stance offered by the president of Notre Dame
and can be seen at

(still Notre Dame does not apologize for honoring the pro-abortion president of this country nor has it dropped charges against the peaceful protesters)

Every day the comments of Michael Voris are right on!

May I encourage you to check it out..
I recently purchased a subscription to the site. It's $10 a month well-spent.

I enjoy the Vortex and the One True Faith. Michael Voris is definitely a kindred spirit.

They just started producing a series called Fidei Defensor, which concentrates not on what to say, but how to say it when you're defending or explaining the faith to someone.
I also subscribe to them. It's very helpful because they speak in layman's terms--but they don't try to be cool and water down their content to a too simplistic form. It's very much worth the $10!
I'm a subscriber, too. I also saved up the money to buy the 1st season of The One True Faith so my family could watch it together easier. If you haven't watched the series, do. It's well worth the time. I check the Vortex every night before I shut the computer down. Good stuff!
I'm trying to catch up on all his videos. He is fantastic.  Just watched the first CIA installment last night. His explanations are very lucid, and my has he done his homework.

If you have not seen yet, you MUST not delay in watching it:

How long before the Voris dude becomes trad?
(04-19-2010, 08:46 PM)Walty Wrote: [ -> ]How long before the Voris dude becomes trad?
Fine question. He'd sure fit right in.

I'm sure you all saw it, but It needs to be posted so I posted it!!!
I subscribed a few months ago.  I have kinda forgotten to go back afterthe first couple of weeks, since I watch the vortex on my youtube feed, but the automatic renawal is going to a good place even if I dont use it that much.
(04-19-2010, 08:46 PM)Walty Wrote: [ -> ]How long before the Voris dude becomes trad?

Interesting comment. He's currently being asked that very question on this forum (see parts 1 & 2) :-

Thus far, he seems very reluctant to acknowledge the elephant in the living room.

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