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Full Version: wishful thinking on the consecration of Russia.... or not?
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The news media recently has reported on a meeting between the Russian patriarch's 'right-hand man' with the Holy Father. The usual stories of the possibility of reunion have been covered, but within them was this tidbit of information:

"In an article in the current issue of Argumenty Nedeli, Andrey Uglanov says that Kirill's extraordinary activity has attracted attention from some who do not like to have their positions questioned, let alone challenged. And that has become Kirill's "big problem."
These "siloviki," Uglanov says, have been offended by Kirill's "anti-Stalinist and anti-Bolshevik actions," including his appearance at the Solovetsky stone in Moscow's Lubyanka Square on the very Day of the Memory of the Victims of Political Repression."

Taken from:

Now add to this the following things we already know:
-it has been reported that the Holy Father has two things pressing on his conscience, the SSPX issue and the Fatima issue

-Bishop Fellay is not given to imprudence, and so we might assume that he wouldn't request a rosary crusade for the consecration of Russia if there weren't at least some hope that the Holy Father would be responsive. Indeed, since he says that the whole issue of reconciliation between the SSPX and the Vatican can be boiled down to trust, that is, trust that the Vatican will maintain, promote and defend the traditional Faith, that it would be  very counter productive for him to get the hopes up of the traditional faithful, if the Vatican has no intention whatsoever to consider the consecrations. As the previous two crusades were met with speedy success, the faithful are already predisposed to hope again for swift success.

Now reread the above quote.

It thus, seems to me that perhaps the Holy Father is infact open to consecrating Russia, given the new patriarch's anticommunist sentiments,  (as indicated in the above quote) thus he wouldn't seem likely to react negatively or be offended, (as was the old excuse for why JP2 couldn't mention Russia by name) since he himself seems to want to highlight the evils of the communist regime.

This then leads me to think that perhaps this recent visit of the right-hand man of the Russian patriarch and the Holy Father might have discussed the matter and perhaps they are now in agreement for it to proceed.

Especially, if they do in fact wish for a reunion to come speedily as is implied by the media. As a reunion of the Churches would certainly qualify for a conversion of Russia as indicated by Our Lady.

In fact today it has even been announced that the Holy Father will visit Fatima in May of next year. This would be ample time to receive the spiritual bouquet from the SSPX and then notify the world's bishops to assist him in the act to be held on May 13th....

Wishful thinking perhaps,,,, but if history is our guide, events have meanings and details do add up.


That's about all we can do!

Hope and pray...
If Russia rejoins Rome now, with a bunch of modernists, paedos and homos running the place, then God is really rubber-stamping the Second Vatican Council and Traditionalists don't have a leg to stand on.  We might as well shut this forum, do what ever modernists do for public penance (more or less nothing), and sing "Kumbaya".

A triumph of that scale, while the flag of the new sprintime is flying over the Vatican, would be an enormous vindication of modernism and "dialogue".  It would have achieved unity when near 1000 years of old style Catholicism did not.  They already credit John Paul the Great Disappointment will the fall of communism.  Personally I reckon Reagan and Thatcher had more to do with it.

If God likes modernism/concilliarism and the wishy-washy bullshit which the Church is infested with today, then I want to become a satanist, because it turns my stomach.  Or just book myself into the asylum.  Whichever has better tax breaks frankly.

Clearly the conversion of Russia does NOT take place under this Pope.  I doubt the consecration will happen on his watch either unless he does it from a rat-hole bunker with the rumble of tank tracks in the distance.  For Traditionalism to be vindicated the Triumph has to CLEARLY happen in support of an Orthodox Catholic position.  If Traditionalism is not vindicated then it will never win, because living life as a New Order Catholic is a LOT easier on my conscience and on my wife's uterus.

I think it is more likely that there is a massive bloodbath in Rome and the hierarchy are wiped out in bloody and bibilical style violence as God finally vents his wrath for 50 years of apostacy.  If someone puts this on YouTube then I will have an iPhone graffted onto the back of my hand so I can watch it.  As the years have passed I think it is less likely that this is B16 and more likely that it is the next guy.
The rumor is HH Pope Benedict XVI is going to Fatima next year in 2010 according to the Portuguese Government. (see new advent ) Bishop Fellay and Father Gruner and others know that there is a secret Vatican Commission looking at Fatima. ( Fr, Gruner has written about it. ) I asked Fr. Gruner if I should give my rosaries for his bouquet or Bishop Fellay's bouquet. He wrote back both are for the same purpose, the Consecration of Russia. I inferred from his response he and Bishop Fellay are in communication and are working toward the same goal. Antonio Socci's book has moved the issue to the top of the pile in Italy, and Cardinal Bertone could not refute the facts in his book.

This is just my speculation, but I think HH Pope Benedict XVI will reveal the entire secret at Fatima and call for the Bishops to join him in the Consecration of Russia.
(09-25-2009, 08:23 AM)timoose Wrote: [ -> ]This is just my speculation, but I think HH Pope Benedict XVI will reveal the entire secret at Fatima and call for the Bishops to join him in the Consecration of Russia.

I am hoping and praying for this!!!!!  :pray2:
Don't hold you breath unless your favourite colour is blue.

How can he reveal the WHOLE secret without admiting that he lied to the world when he wrote in June 2000 that "the secret had been revealed in its ENTIRITY"?  He signed off on that official document, the commentary.  It has his signature on it as the author.  As Cardinal Ratzinger he was right in the middle of that public release.  What is he going to say?  "The Pope made me do it"

The elephant in the room which Fr. Gruner, Ferrara and Socci always skirt around is that the now Pope appears to have lied in relation to the third secret.  The evidence is overwhelming that there is another part, but Ratzinger told us there was not.  Fr. Gruner accused him of lying right up until his election.  Then went silent on the matter.  Only one Fatima priest I know is prepared to admit this reasonably openly in conversation, but even he won't do it in writing.  I won't name him here and neither should you.

In writing they use words like "mental reservation" but the clear and uncomfortable truth is that if there are any other parts then the Pope lied.  We all tell lies, but this is a pretty serious thing to lie about.  Joe Layman in the street would not see it as "mental reservation".  "Revealed in its entirety" means what it says on the tin.  And if it doesn't then we might as well discount everything the Pope ever said as subject to full revision.

Finally consider why they would lie about something like this.  Either the third part of the secret is terribly scary and sensational (fireballs coming down from Heaven) and they don;t want to scare the bejeezus out of us despite the fact that Our Lady didn't say the 1960 date was optional.  Or it is incredibly wacky and they don't believe it themselves, or, and I think this is the MOST likely, it warns against making changes to the Liturgy/Church either explicitly or implicity and thus to reveal it would absolutely tear down their house of cards and show the God warned against the new springtime in advance by the stewards lead the sheep to the slaughter.

The credibility of the hierarchy would be WRECKED for a hundred years if Joe Layman thought that they believed themselves superior to messages from the mother of God.  And that is what it amounts too.  Especially when those messages were backed up by a public miracle of cosmic proportions.  God doesn't make the Sun Dance just to want us about a World War and a political dynasty.  Far more souls have been lost by the collapse of the Church in the second 40 year period than by the rise of political communism in the first 40 years.

The truth won't come out until AFTER whatever massive event that need to happen happens.
Ggreg, I accept everything you said. Next you need cheering up so next your time in Chicago, I'll stand you several large whiskies and beers. Next don't give up, the first step is admitting their guilt, and then asking forgiveness. The more our reason tells us we can not do anything will go to prove the real Authorship. There will be no mistaking it like in the fall of Russia in whether it was Ronnie Rayguns, Maggie( she who must be obeyed ) or Pope John Paul II. Bit actor's all, the real action comes from Above.
ggreg, I too agree with much of what you posted, but you seem to be despairing a bit. Pray pray pray that the Pope (whoever he is) consecrates Russia. It will happen eventually, even if it takes many more years to come.

And as far as a bloodbath in Rome, I wouldn't be surprised. But that kind of suffering can be hugely redemptive for those who experience it.

JPII travelled the globe apologizing for soup-to-nuts.

I would have no problem with BXVI apologizing for wanting to spare ___ embarrassment or controversy. The important thing is that the Consecration takes place and the secret is published. It could be no more damaging to the Magisterium than their actions of the last 40 years have already been.

The Lord warns that tares have been sown amongst the wheat - why should the Vatican be different?  :shrug:There have always been misguided bishops. Our age is no different, with the exception of their sheer audacity.
Interestingly, Pope Benedict XVI is set to visit Fatima next May 13, as well as Britain earlier in 2010.

Trip to Britain:

Trip to Fatima:

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