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Full Version: Let's Try this Again: A Study of Jo. Paul's "Dies Domini"
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I tried posting this on another part of this forum, but saddly few people read beyond a choice few sections. Therefore, in hopes of spurring this important discussion on the Lord's Day, I repost the thread here:

In order to renew our appreciation for Sunday - the Lord's Day - I would like to start an online reading of the late John Paul's Apostolic Letter Dies Domini.

In our day Sunday is trodden underfoot. It's just another day for the usual secualr carry-on. This study will hopefully take our observance of the Lord's Day from grudgingly making our "Sunday obligation" (an unfortunate phrase indeed), to transforming Sunday to the being centerpiece of our week. Revolving around the Divine Office and especially the Holy Mass, let's strive for a deeper graditiude for the day of worship, rest, recreation and fraternity that God gives us (as in a gift) weekly.

To start off, let's consider the Introduction through Chapter 1 inclusive.

Dies Domini -

Have at it.