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Full Version: Please! NO cell phones in church! (wait til you see this)
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Posted on Mary Victrix by a Franciscan friar:
Cell Phones in Church:  Got to hand it to those Presbyterians. Notice that last remark about shoes and shirts. I grew up in California. Makes perfect sense. My posting this is a bit ironic, since the alarm on my phone went off this morning during Lauds and instead of turning the alarm off I hit snooze, so it went off again an minute later. Bad friar.
This is a one minute video:

That's a fishie!

I love it.

Someone I know once told me about a priest who (during a weekday Mass) had someone call him during his homily. He stopped and answered the phone.

"Hey! I'm saying Mass right now, can I call you back? Okay, yeah. I'll call you back. No, I can't talk now, I'm in the middle of Mass. I'll call you in about 20 minutes."

He then launched into a tirade about can you not keep watch one hour, be where you are, this is God's house, Jesus is present, all the usual stuff about why you should turn the thing off.
After a particularly depressing week that just made my day! Thanks.
I have mine set to a very good recording of church bells tolling

The sacristan just scurries to see why the bells are ringing - no one suspects a thing. :laughing:
And here I'd been saying that Presbyterians are a dour lot with no sense of humor.