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Full Version: Caring for God's Temple
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WOW--a little homily on the care of the church and linens and vestments!

This video even makes the point that care of the church is a reflection on the care of our souls!

St. Francis, when he came upon a dirty church, would seek out a broom and begin to clean it up.
It is a Franciscan charism to see to even the physical needs of a church.

In our parish a certain Franciscan and others are taking up these challenges. This very
day three ladies took up mops and brooms and rags and cleaning items and went to work.

I know I myself have sometimes gone tsk tsk over the dirt on the floor of the church and
so on.  Well time to turn those little cluckings into action and care for the temple!

I must agree with Father that the condition of the church reflects our love for God. Loving Him,
we want His house to look nice.

Ave Maria!

[Image: alter-at-padre-pio-chapel.jpg]