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Full Version: SSPX or Orthodox
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Not refering to u inpefess. Lads loke u have CHRISTS back!
Sip sip
(10-14-2009, 05:02 PM)devotedknuckles Wrote: [ -> ]Not refering to u. Sip sip

No, you're fine. I had read the earlier post in the thread that you were responding to so I knew you weren't addressing me.


You got my username right!

I  n
N omine
P atris,
E t
F ilii,
E t
S piritus
S ancti

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Quote:Lads loke u have CHRISTS back!

I don't think God needs anyone (least of all down here on this wretched earth) to have His back. I'm pretty sure He has everything under control.  ;)

True but its the thought that counts
(10-14-2009, 04:39 PM)nsper7 Wrote: [ -> ]
Quote:The initial question was "if there was no Catholic Church in the area, would you attend an SSPX or an Orthodox Mass?"

I admit I phrased the question incorrectly. I meant no 'Canonically regular' Catholic Church. I have since realized, due to explanation from several posters here, that attending the SSPX does fulfill the Sunday obligation as long as one's desire is to attend a TLM, not separate oneself from the Pope and hierarchy. Oh well, I can't be right all the I guess I do stand corrected on that issue.

Again you offend the SSPX - for nobody within the Society wishes to "separate themselves from the Pope or hierarchy."  The SSPX stands with the Pope and longs for the return of Eternal Rome, and the removal of Modernist Rome.  Also, truly the SSPX is "canonically regular."  A false excommunication does not make them irregular.  The SSPX had to do what was necessary to ensure that the Catholic Faith remained intact - even if that meant they had to "disobey" Rome.  It is my opinion that in the future, the SSPX will be seen as a major part of those who saved the Church from the Modernist heresy - with Archbishop Lefebvre being made a Doctor of the Church or better.
(10-15-2009, 08:47 AM)Nic Wrote: [ -> ]Also, truly the SSPX is "canonically regular." 

In your mind they probably are, but according to the Pope they are not.  He makes it pretty clear in his Jan 2009 decree that lifts the excommunications.  Maybe this is why you used quotes, because they are not "really" canonically regular but you wish to see them as that?

Oh comes the far left NO propaganda machine

At least we understand each other, Scipio.  I don't listen to what you have to say, and you don't listen to me. 

For everyone else, I didn't write the decree, the Pope did.  You can take his word on it, not mine.
Don't listen to me at your own risk, kiddo.

Your blowing hot air right into the...air.

I'm not.

There's no danger to my faith in NOT listening to you, buckaroo. 
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