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Full Version: SSPX or Orthodox
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I thin califlump need to chase his eyeballs which r rolling as we speak down the stairs cuz
His head just exploded
That would show some sign of it is...his kind will be arguing even after ABL and co. are fully vindicated...using some made up nuance...I know the kind...having lived my entire youth with a pro...that could argue both sides and make you feel wrong twice...

Cali ain't no pro....

I will respond to your response to my PM as soon as I get a chance. Thank you for your reply.

In Christ,
Cat got his tongue me suppose
(10-17-2009, 07:58 AM)Nic Wrote: [ -> ]Also, calicatholic, concerning your beloved "council."

I will pray that your eyes are opened before it is too late.


Thank you for a post discussing the issues without comment that could be considered a personal attack.  For the record, it is not "my" council, it is a council of the Church.

You want my eyes opened before it's too late for what? 
What do u think?

I think I asked because I didn't want to presume what he was referring to.

I sympathize with what you are trying to say here.  I'm not entirely sure if we agree 100% (I haven't read this entire thread), but it seems that we at least mostly agree and that you mean well enough.  You are right that we should be able to get along and speak about these matters as adults, but unfortunately you've caught fisheaters, in some sense, at a low point.

Don't let anyone tell you that you shouldn't be on this forum.  As long as you are Catholic and you respect what the Church teaches you are more than fine.  It's funny because a good deal of regulars around here (as you are seeing) don't follow the Church's councils or teachings and then start calling people who do less Catholic.  What a world...

Unfortunately, name calling straight out of second grade passes for intelligent argument around these parts now... that is if you can even understand the posts.
As one who is a Neo-Conservative Catholic w/ Traditional leanings, I would admonish Traditional Catholics to be more supportive and understanding of us Neo-Caths. Remember that on many key issues we agree and we both desire what we believe is best for the Catholic Church.
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