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Full Version: Scandal at St. Gertrude's
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I'm surprised this hasn't come up yet.

After exposing the maltreatment of some students at the parish school, among other things, Fr. Markus Ramolla has been booted from St. Gertrude's, taking about 200 faithful with him. This was hardly a hush-hush thing either; Bishop Dolan gave a sermon the following Sunday calling Fr. Ramolla a heretic and proclaimed he regretted ever ordaining him.

This is pretty much stunning, and from what I've heard, has the sede community deeply divided. One would think though, that such a thing in the sede community would be inevitable, given the amount of time the chair has theoretically been empty, causing some clergy to forget their place.

Interesting. I hope the students are alright (I don't really care about the adults; they can take care of themselves).
I can't even pretent to be suprised that division is a fruit of being a sede, sorry
I agree with ros, I hope the children are okay