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Full Version: Where's Erin? Where's Satori?
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I haven't seen either of these ladies in ages.  :(
Erin probibly getting her hair buzzed
And satori listining to bauhaus
Me thinks
I've been in touch with Satori by email; she is doing well, she didn't have internet for awhile. She will be around gradually I am thinking. You could try PMing her too! About Erin I don't know.
Erin is due right away, I would imagine shes busy getting ready for a new baby !! :)
Whoa, Erin is expecting? You can tell I haven't been around for a while! That's awesome!

If you see this anytime soon, Erin, congratulations to the max...
Yeah, no kidding. 

Erin, what gives?  Who else am I going to swoon over random indie rock gods with?
You guys really miss Erin? Okay, I have an idea that might bring her back.

Hey, Erin, if you're reading this, I just gave these people your contact info!

*backs away slowly*