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Nice sermon from Father Jones and his five fingers discount......... Fish-Eater Smackdown

Priest outrages police by telling congregation: 'My advice to poor is to shoplift'By Graham Smith
Last updated at 3:01 PM on 21st December 2009
Comments (162) Add to My Stories  'Highly irresponsible': Father Tim Jones has been criticised after advising his congregation to shoplift following his Nativity sermon
A clergyman has been criticised as 'highly irresponsible' after advising his congregation to shoplift following his Nativity sermon.
Father Tim Jones, 41, broke off from his traditional annual sermon yesterday to tell his flock that stealing from large chains is sometimes the best option for vulnerable people.
It is far better for people desperate during the recession to shoplift than turn to 'prostitution, mugging or burglary', he said.

The married father-of-two insisted his unusual advice did not break the Bible commandment 'Thou shalt not steal' - because God's love for the poor outweighs his love for the rich.
But the minister's controversial sermon at St Lawrence Church in York has been slammed by police, the British Retail Consortium and a local MP, who all say that no matter what the circumstances, shoplifting is an offence.

Delivering his festive lesson, Father Jones told the congregation: 'My advice, as a Christian priest, is to shoplift.  I do not offer such advice because I think that stealing is a good thing, or  because I think it is harmless, for it is neither.
'I would ask that they do not steal from small family businesses, but from large national businesses, knowing that the costs are ultimately passed on to the rest of us in the form of higher prices.
'I would ask them not to take any more than they need, for any longer than they need.
'I offer the advice with a heavy heart and wish society would recognise that bureaucratic ineptitude and systematic delay has created an invitation and incentive to crime for people struggling to cope.'
He added that he felt society had failed the needy, and said it was far better they shoplift than turn to more degrading or violent options such as prostitution, mugging or burglary.

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Father Jones cited the example of an ex-prisoner who had been forced to live on less than £100, including a crisis loan, over six weeks after his release from jail.
He continued: 'My advice does not contradict the Bible's eighth commandment because God's love for the poor and despised outweighs the property rights of the rich.
'Let my words not be misrepresented as a simplistic call for people to shoplift. The observation that shoplifting is the best option that some people are left with is a grim indictment of who we are.
'Rather, this is a call for our society no longer to treat its most vulnerable people with indifference and contempt. Providing inadequate or clumsy social support is monumental, catastrophic folly.'
But a spokesman for North Yorkshire Police said: 'First and foremost, shoplifting is a criminal offence and to justify this course of action under any circumstances is highly irresponsible.
'Turning or returning to crime will only make matters worse, that is a guarantee. We recognise some people find themselves in difficult circumstances but support is readily available and must be sought.' 

Local Tory MP Anne McIntosh, who has campaigned in Parliament for stronger sentences for shoplifters, admitted that there had been an 'over-commercialisation' of the festive period which encourages people to spend.
But she said: 'I cannot condone inciting anyone to commit a criminal offence, shoplifting is a crime against the whole local community and society.'
Richard Dodd, spokesman for the British Retail Consortium, said he was surprised that a priest was encouraging his congregation to steal.
'He's failing to appreciate that it's the job of our welfare system to deal with vulnerable people,' he said. 'That's how to deal with the vulnerable, not calling for them to steal from shops.'
Mr Dodd added: 'Stealing is wrong and it isn't less wrong to steal from a big retailer than it is to steal from a small retailer.
'I thought this was a central part of every religion.'

This isn't the first time Father Jones has courted controversy.

He hit the headlines in May 2008 when he protested against a shop stocking Playboy stationery aimed at youngsters. He tossed the items onto the floor complaining they were 'cynical and  wicked'. The shop bowed to his one-man protest and agreed to stop stocking Playboy-branded merchandise.

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Boy, I knew the NO church in the UK was a mess spiritually, but this tops them all.  Unbelievable.  :o 
What will they think of next - handing out uzzis to the homeless? 
This is unbelievable!!!!  Why doesn't this priest tell his congregation of the importance of trusting in God to provide for their daily bread, instead of taking matters into their own hands and sinning? 
(12-21-2009, 01:46 PM)mike6240 Wrote: [ -> ]Boy, I knew the NO church in the UK was a mess spiritually, but this tops them all.  Unbelievable.   :o 
What will they think of next - handing out uzzis to the homeless? 

He's an Anglican
(12-21-2009, 02:15 PM)Hohepa Wrote: [ -> ]
(12-21-2009, 01:46 PM)mike6240 Wrote: [ -> ]Boy, I knew the NO church in the UK was a mess spiritually, but this tops them all.  Unbelievable.   :o 
What will they think of next - handing out uzzis to the homeless? 

He's an Anglican

people forget that not all priests are Catholic.  since the excerpt in the OP said he was married with two children, i assumed he was either anglican or one of those anglican priests who's crossed the tiber, bringing his family along. 

i don't think he was wise to say this to his congregation unless he knows some of them have no money for food, and if that's the case, why isn't the parish helping them?

as far as his advice in principle, i agree that if you're desperate enough to have to steal to eat, shoplifting is a lesser crime than mugging or burglary.  muggers and burglars usually carry weapons to threaten the people they steal from and even if they don't intend to harm anyone, they may accidentally injure or even kill someone.  even without any weapons, a struggle can result in the innocent party being hurt or killed.

the next question is whether anyone really has to steal to eat and i don't have the answer to that.  i do think that any of us would resort to crime if necessary to feed our children, though i think begging on the street would be more honorable. 

if you can, donate to soup kitchens and food pantries to help the hungry, and not just at Christmas.

Anglicans don't have priests
Unless he was ordained a priest then left the church
Other then that he's just playing dress up
Some of them have valid Orders from the "Old Catholic Church".
Very few and again that's due to being ordained in apostolic succession. Anglicans on their own got squat
At least he's not a queer which is more than can be said....  never mind.
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