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Full Version: Statues smashed by vandals at California parish (Third time since 2007)
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And it's not just this parish, there's several that have suffered repeated attacks (I'm not just talking San Fran either, but Santa Monica, Watsonville, Woodland...).

See the article:
The same crowd that will yell you down about tolorance...What a bunch of assholes
This will get worse. If the parish and bishops are impotent then the parisheners must act. Breakin statues is just. The beginning. We had roaming armed prods burn down our churches and flats until we dutifully shot the bastards and lite em up!!!
That won't happen in kalifornia but it sure as hell made the prods think before they attempted such a thing and when they did because they always did there was always a price!!!!!
So catholics in kali
Put a stop to it.
First. Identify the bastards
Second teach em
...and the lessons taught should be severe.

the aclu, adl, and splc will say nothing about these hate crimes.  but if it were a synagogue, or a 'black' church, or a mosque. . .  there'd be a great hue and cry against 'Christian bigots,' without any evidence of who did it.

so we should remember that in some cases it could be Catholic teenagers acting out and vandalizing Catholic churches.  some teenagers like to destroy things and if they get mad at someone at their church (or school, or any other place they go often) they might target it.

there's just too much anger today and not enough disapproval of vandalism, not enough teaching of respect for others' property.
Whens the last time a mosque or sinaguge was attacked?
BA! Wpuld u first assume the jews attacked their own sinagague or mohams their own mosque?
What gives????
Non-violent resistance is a joke.  It's time for another Crusade.

Yes ot is. And it starts with the catholic beside u!!!!
YA BASTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, I just asked my brother about the one at St. Monica's in Santa Monica since we grew up two blocks from there and he still lives there...They replaced the old statue with a metal one...Now if only they could rig it to detonate when somebody tries to knock it over.
It is strange that someone's first reaction here is that a Catholic Church might be vandalized  by a Catholic teenager....
Perhaps one case might be, but this article shows that there is a pattern here.
Obviously if you read between the lines, someone is pissed off at the Catholic Church and they are doing this to shwo their hate.
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