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Full Version: New GSI House of Formation in Chile
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Here is the press release from the Good Shephard Institute website (GSI or IBP in Spanish):

"To: Raphael Navas:

Facing a growing demand of young people in Latin America who do not speak French, but who desire to be integrated into the Good Shepherd Institute, I ask you, in conformity with Article III.1 of our statutes, that a house be opened in Santiago, Chile, or other place better suited, that utilizes the Spanish Language, to sure-up or complete the formation of these candidates for the priesthood in the following areas: The French language, Latin, Cathechism, the Liturgy, the spiritual life, and if it were necessary, also philosophy and theology, with the purpose of integrating the aforementioned into the courses of formation of the Institute.

-- Philippe Laguerie
July 25, 2009

Here is the interpretation from reading the IBP blog:
"Analysis:  The Bishop and/or other Church officials in Santiago or elsewhere hate the IBP and have been persecuting it for several years.  They are about to succeed in expelling the IBP from Santiago.  That is the rumor reported on the IBP website.  The source of the rumor is supposedly an official in the Curia.  So, the above letter from Laguerie appears to be a defensive move. If the IBP house in Santiago is transformed into a house of formation, then it would be much harder to expell them.  But, the downside is that the house would no longer be as open to the general population as it is now.  The upside is that maybe it would gain many vocations."

I personnally am optimistic.  The IBP can continue to have "private" Masses.  Furthermore, the priests in Latin America report a huge interest in vocations.  So opening the house of formation should produce local, Spanish speaking Traditionalist priests. 

In closing, we discovered that donating to the Good Shepherd Institutes is difficult from the USA, so we set up a non-profit to make it easier.  If you are interested in donating to our Traditionalist brothers of the GSI, go to
Truly sad state of events but these are the steps needed to take back the Church from those that would see it destroyed.
Is the Good Shepherd Institute this:

Is there any other English source?