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Full Version: Horrors in the Health 'care reform'
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[size=10pt][size=10pt]Susan Boyce – Horrors in the Health Care Bill[/size][/size]
Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Ave Maria!

Susan Boyce outlines the hidden horrors of the latest National Health Care Bill, HR 3590. She covers the fact that 1000 pages have been added to the bill just since the summer. Now is 2074 pages, 2.5 trillion cost over ten years,  mandatory visitation of government officials to your homes, massive increase in family health care costs in very high taxes. For all US employees an abortion premium will be charged that goes diectly to the procurement of abortions. Also the head of Health and Human Services, currently pro-abortion Kathleen Sabelius, will have carte blanche powers to make changes to the plan with no recourse for the people to protest. Rationing by denial of care to long term or elderly patients, realtime access to bank accounts in, requirements to. Why, based on Catholic measures, the whole thing needs to be scrapped because of its neglect of Catholic principles of whether the Stupac Amendment is added or not and how the Catholic bishops and the USCCB are the only ones that can make this happen. National ID Card.

Mater boni consilii, ora pro nobis.
Deus Meus when will congress get the hint and quit trying to force us to have this mess like a big perent making a kid eat their greens, they just dont take no for an answere or they go behind our back and trick us. 

signed Jeremy ChurchesofFortWayne preservationist.
Jesus Christ is among us, and He is sick. What we should do?

This country paid 1.7 trillion in one year to buy out the riches from the consequences of their mistakes.
Evidently if this THING passes, "We" won't do anything.  The big, anti-Catholic fascist government will take over relief of the poor and push the Church aside.  Oh, you won't be totally left out, you will pay more, and have to "share" by waiting months for medical services.  And by the time you retire, Medicare will be completely gone, and all the insurance accruals will be depleted bailing out Medicare until 2012.  Oh, and we will have "fast track" citizenship for illegals, so Texas and Florida will be transformed into the most liberal states in the Union.  So you shall get your wish, we will be turned into any other third world nation of savages.

There is nothing Catholic about the government providing relief.  It is anti-Catholic since it violates subsidiarity and removes the opportunities for Catholics to practice charitable acts.  Furthermore, since taxes exceed more than 50% of  incomes, there is little left over to fund relief agencies and societies.  Can you imagine if the $2 Trillion in government insanity was instead donated to Catholic agencies to relieve the poor?  Could not some of that 2 Trillion be used at CATHOLIC hosipitals to pay for services to the poor?

Why do you default into a "government will fix everything" mindset?  You may one day wake up and realize your brain washing.  Just look at the government.  Within 5 years it will have to massively default on Social Security, Medicare, and probably the national debt.  It is now physically impossible to continue.  And this same bunch of losers is going to run our medical system?  And by the way, have you even asked the right questions? What, exactly, are you trying to "fix"?
(01-07-2010, 07:44 AM)glgas Wrote: [ -> ]Jesus Christ is among us, and He is sick. What we should do?

This country paid 1.7 trillion in one year to buy out the riches from the consequences of their mistakes.
A child is among us, in his mother's womb, and he emits carbon dioxide and will leave a large carbon footprint. What we should do?

This country paid untold millions* (billions?) of dollars, directly or indirectly, on abortions in any given year, and the "compassionate" among would like also to help this poor young girl "buy out" the consequences of her mistake.

Why? Because, of course, we are in a: financial, environmental, population, etc, crisis. And a good socialist never lets a crisis go to waste.

*(...Planned Parenthood gets 33 percent of its revenue from federal grants and contracts under the Title X family planning program. Last year, the organization received $336.7 million of taxpayers' money.
With the 2008 Title X appropriation decisions due out this summer, Planned Parenthood is lobbying for an increase in funding, despite figures in the annual report that show the organization has $114.8 million "excess of revenue over expenses.")

Let me also direct you to this thread: 'Mega' abortion clinic, largest ever, to open in Houston,3426773.0/topicseen.html

I don't know where you live, glgas, but here in America, not many people are expanding their businesses. Oh, yeah, except the abortionists. I'd be willing to wager that if I asked my GP if he was planning to expand his practice in this economic and political climate, he wouldn't be. But the abortionists are partying. Care to guess why?
(01-07-2010, 03:41 PM)ResiduumRevertetur Wrote: [ -> ]*(...Planned Parenthood gets 33 percent of its revenue from federal grants and contracts under the Title X family planning program. Last year, the organization received $336.7 million of taxpayers' money.

That is about $3 dollar per family. The decisively Godless and moral-less public education cost 600 billion dollar yearly $6000 dollar for every family, and they advise for free and irresponsible sex, do not teach morality. The number of live births started to diminish in the fifties from 25 / 1000 , when the godless education took it effect. By the time of the Row vx Wade it was already 14.8 / 1000 and stays on that  level even now, without any demonstrable effect of the Row vs Wade.
Table 78. Live Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Divorces

Do you have ever meditated on the proportions, a reason?
(01-07-2010, 04:05 PM)glgas Wrote: [ -> ]That is about $3 dollar per family.
Is this your joke answer? You don't mind the 40 some million abortions in the US since R V W because they've been CHEAP? And I have no affinity for the government educational system. You sound like the pro aborts when you only are concerned with live babies and not the preborn (and I know you must not be pro abort, I will give you that benefit) and that is all that your numbers show.  What is your point, exactly?

Oh, wait a minute...never mind, don't answer that. I already have a headache. God bless, you, Glgas. Good day.

I will not engage again.
population control of the poor by the rich evil liberals at its finest.
Abortion is very bad, but I am not sure that ruins the whole plan. I know that might sound horrible, but considering how many people even here on fisheaters don't have good health coverage (there is a threat about it right now in the oratory), universal healthcare can alleviate an enormous amount of suffering. You don't have to consent to the abortion funding, you can and should fight it according to your state of life, but I think it would be hasty to throw out the whole thing.
I say this as a Quebecer, we have universal health care, things like giving birth and seeing doctors are covered, there is a max of 79$ a month for medications, etc. Yes you have to wait 2 hours in a clinic but if you are unwell it's not such a hardship, eh? Abortion is also covered. Does that necessarily mean I should refuse to pay my taxes or use the system? I don't think so, myself.
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