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Full Version: Texican's Number One Food Fan
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OK ladies and gents...time to start fighting for the title....

Texican's Number One Food Fan

Do you think you like the way his cooking sounds better than anyone else on the board?  Do you think it sounds like he knows what to do in a kitchen (G rated)?  Do you think his refrigerator is full of good things to eat, empty, or full of crap from whole foods?

Does he eat Miso soup and sushi when no one is looking?...or does he live at the grill?
I  nominate UD,

Now don't y'all be scared of that...I promise for the wrestling potion of this title fight I will make sure she is unarmed.

Almost every time he posts a new recipe I have to hear about how good "that sounds".  And "wow, that sounds good, I want to go eat there"
:o     :-[

Great, now I've got expectations to live up to!

:laughing:     You are so dead, Scip! 

I confess that I have eaten sushi, but the soup?  no, not really...

So, any menu requests, for when y'all come up?  I gotta get my practice in, so that I don't screw it up, so advance warning is appreciated...

edited to add: Why am I asking you?  UD is probably gonna kill you, now, or at least maim you, so you probably won't be able to type after she breaks your fingers, so I need to be asking her...

UD, what would you like?
Don't worry, Tex...there won't be any permanent damage...mwahahahaha!

My weapon of choice...a gift for the children from Scipio's dad  ;D
[Image: 400px-Wiffle_bat_and_ball.jpg]

jk  :)
You could always set his fingers so that they curl around the steering wheel, that way he can still drive... 
Just sayin'

[thread derail] I want to sample some of WRC's cooking - seems like he'd make some great food, especially considering his love of bacon! 
I'd like to also try some of SmileBugMK's cooking, and SearchingCatholic's, and... well, there's just so many to list.  I've already tried some of Libby's recipes, and they were great!   Oh yeah, I'd also like to try Gie2me's baklawa, and of course, Satori's baking (rats and oven fires, notwithstanding).


[Image: 400px-Wiffle_bat_and_ball.jpg]

Can you spot the 4-leaf clover?

That's a trick's under the ball
I meant the other one...
The ay to a lassies heart is food.
Just like pooches. As a matter of fact another way to a lassies heart is her pooch.
Mark me words. A bloody bone for her pooch and she will give u a.....
Ill knock it off while I'm ahead here

But having studied the fine art of cuisine I do attest to its value in grabin the heart of a lassie. Just don't feed her a heart and you'll be fine. But tex knows all this so I'm done ramblin sip. This post mainly was for walty.
I don't really understand this, but I wish Texican were my neighbor so we could swap delicacies.
All of the food TX says he's made over the past year just sounds great

The real point was just to embarrass UD but I figure while I was at it I'd get TX too.

Any particular favorites that he's posted?

Mine is probably the thing he through together for all the guys at work...I don't even recall what it was...sounded like he just grabbed stuff and through it together.

And now I know DK thinks he's TX's #1 food fan...he just has to hide it or his wife'll kill him

The other 4 leaf clover is right there.
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