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Full Version: Fr. Phil Wolfe & Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea
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With the new assignments does anyone know where these two Priests ended up? And I'm curious, Fr. Isaac being only an associate Priest of the FSSP - how did he get 'transferred?'
Father Relyea is still in KC Iast I knew.  Fr Wolfe did not say where he was going, but he did say he would not be coming back.  I think there were some medical issues there.  He has been in our prayers.
I thought my chaplain told me that Fr. Wolfe was still in Kansas too but I could be wrong.
I do not know where Fr Wolfe went, but he is no longer in Kansas City.  The rumor mill said that it really didn't have to do anything with health, but I'm not privvy to the details and it's none of my business.
(04-18-2010, 05:43 PM)amasimp mistake.  I misread the link.

OK, I'm going to delete those posts to avoid scandal.  Thanks for clearing it up quickly!
I believe Fr. Wolfe is in Dallas/Ft. Worth. He was visiting his dear friend, Fr. Stephan Dupre, and was with our community in Colorado Springs about two weeks ago. I love it when he visits and am sad when he leaves(as is the entire parish). Frs. Wolfe and Dupre are a dynamic set of priests. These two are bringing many to the faith and saving many souls. Our prayers are helping in this regard.
Fr. Wolfe is indeed here at Mater Dei as of this past Holy Week. He is the Assistant Chaplain to Fr. Longua. Great in the confessional.
I believe Father Relyea has permission to start a mission. Where and when I don't know, but it should be soon.

I saw him preach at Mass once; he has a heavy New York City accent, and is every bit as tough as he sounds, as though he came right from central casting!  :laughing:

He was a member of a gang, and was on his way to becoming a gangster, and was prayed back into the Church by his mother. His story sort of echoes St. Augustine and St. Monica in that regard.

I remember how he said, "Padre Pio had the TRUE gift of tongues; not this nonsense you see today!" As well as, "If you got kids ten years old who know their Ten Commandments and you don't, you oughta be ashamed 'o yourselves!"

He then went on to launch a broadside against Harry Potter and Islam, which he said were from the devil, and he upset the organist, whose grandkids liked Harry Potter and were upset that he said that. Oh well, too bad!

That was the closest I ever came to pumping my fist in the air and yelling, "YES!" at a sermon, of which his lasted about an hour.
Was Fr. Relyea with the Franciscans of the Immaculate? I know that we was looking for a bishop and a diocese to work in when he gave his 2007 Lenten Mission. I think he had some issues with his order due wanting to exclusively say the TLM. As an associate priest of the FSSP, does that mean he is an FSSP or is he still a Franciscan?
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