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Full Version: Maronite Rite
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Has anyone been to a Maronite Catholic Lutirgy?  I am considering going to one when I am visiting relatives because the TLM's are all downtown, and I do not care to go downtown with only myself and the children (no husband along)
Would it be better than a NO Mass?
BTW if anyone knows of a reverant NO mass in the western suburbs of Chicago you can let me know or PM me.
ICKSP has a church in the Woodlawn neighborhood on the south side of Chicago, which might be do-able if you want to avoid downtown. There's usually street parking within reasonable walking distance.
I’ve assisted at the Maronite liturgy on several occasions and have found it reverent and beautiful.
I was in a Maronite Monastery and I found their Divine Liturgy to be very beautiful and very reverent.

The only Maronite Rite liturgy I have attended was very nice, chanted in their way which I liked, but they did borrow some things from the NO, eg, the priest faced the people. But I would definitely attend one again over a NO.
Yes, the Maronites too made changes to their liturgy following the Second Vatican Council.  The priest faces the people and uses the vernacular, though only during some parts of the liturgy.  Many hymns and prayers, in particular the words of consecration and Epiclesis, are still preserved in Aramaic.
One of the priests at the monastery I was at said his biggest disappointment with the Maronite Divine Liturgy is the fact they took after the NO Church and faced the people.