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Full Version: Stations of the Cross in Latin (Via Crucis)
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We are obliged to attend Mass, and one way of participating in Mass is to just be there.  If one follows along in the missal, the English is there, for understanding.  And even without the missal, one can understand what is going on.  The whole point of stations, (and maybe I'm wrong here) is to meditate on Our Lord's passion and sufferings.  I guess saying the prayers is worth something even if you don't understand them....but I would think part of the point of doing the stations is missed if you don't know what you are saying.

Well, for one thing I would have  an English/Latin text.  However, I also would know what is being said as well as what is going on for the same reason I understand what is going on at TLM.  I've been saying these prayers and meditations ,abeit in English, all my life.  I pray the Rosarium every night, in Latin.  While I may not know perfectly, the definition of each and every word  I know what I am praying as I meditate on the mysteries.  Call it multitasking if you will.  On the plus side as one says the prayers in Latin over and over one learns the words, pronunciation, and meanigs.  I would also add that while I agree that Sunday Mass is an obligation I see it as a privilege and I try to be there in mind and spirit as well as body and as such I strive to learn and understand the prayers.  I hope this explains what I am trying to say.

Pax Tecum.
I say go for it! More latin is always a good thing.
If you don't understand it that just means you haven't learned yet. I don't understand why people always say 'I don't understand' or 'you don't know what you're saying' ??? If you say it enough, you'll get it. I think that the extra effort is commendable  :)

Here are three links that may help. They are all from the same site...bookmark it!

Hope this is what you we're looking for, good luck!
Sites have been bookmarked.  Thanks to all for the links.  Exacty what I was looking for.  You folks have been a great help.

Pax Tecum
(02-13-2010, 10:14 AM)introibo Wrote: [ -> ]The stations are meditating on Our Lord's Passion...use whatever way is meaningful to you, granted, but unless you are fluent in written Latin, is this any more than a pious babbling with no real significance to it?


Not really, provided one learns the literal translation of what they are saying. I recite the Officium Parvum, sometimes the Rosary and other prayers in Latin. It's not hard for me to learn what I am saying there as I recite predominantly static formulae with only minor changes here or there.
I can't converse in Latin.
It's a bit like a convo I had with Tradmav awhile back. It was clearly established I have very little knowledge of Irish, but I can recite the Rosary as I have the literal translations, plus have been over it with native Irish speakers &c. to understand (as best I can) what I am saying.
Static prayer is fine in any language. Heck, I am willing to wager that I could teach any one of you the Rosary in New Zealand Maori and (provided you strictly follow my instructions) you would know exactly and understand exaclty what you were saying.
And agin, that is totally different than wandering onto a marae and conversing with the locals lol.
With all due respect to the detractors, the Stations are a private devotion-- if Mr. Fish wants to pray them in Martian, that's up to him.

It's none of your business to tell him how to pray a private devotion.
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