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Full Version: Pious Signatures in Letters
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Through correspondence with other traditional Catholics I have come across a few phrases in Latin that are placed above their signatures in letters and emails. Are there many of these? Do you use one or a couple? Which ones do you use or have encountered?

pax vobiscum

Brevis Vir
I know a priest who signs all of his e-mails "JMJ". It's reassuing to know that he consults the Firm before he writes the message.
Deus Vult!!!
AMDG, which stands for Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.
My letters normally have SAG on the enevlope, above the sender's address, then AMDG with a cross at the top and I sign off "Yours In Christ and Mary".
But that's me. There's tons of different ones out there.
I often use, "In Paradisum deducant te angeli."    May the angels guide you into Paradise.
i mornally use A.D.M.G. and JMJ with a cross and when I get letters from nuns they always write on the heading in ways that vary according to their order.

Carmlites: JM+JT (probably Sts John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila)
Poor Clares: JM+FC (Sts Francis and Clare)
Contemplative Dominicans: A big 'D' with a cross on top.
Benedictines: PAX with a cross on top
SSPX Sister: 'M' with a cross on top

recently i was trying to send an e-mail and it was 'stuck'.  other
e-mails were coming in and going out but this one would not send.

so, i added S.A.G. to that e-mail, hit Send and it sent.  St. Anthony
always comes through for me.

i end letters with Pax tecum.
Quando omni fluncus moritati.  ( If all else fails play dead.)
I sometimes use AMDG. I've noticed that if I begin a post/email/letter off like that it reminds me to be charitable and patient in what I write. It's a good habit to get into.
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