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Full Version: Essay by ex-SSPX seminarian wants to eradicate "pious anti-semitism"
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I've sent this information to a few of our dependable Catholic journalists for review.  But I thought a thread would be appropriate as well. 

A 20 page essay by a J. Christopher Pryor was just  published in the "Journal of Antisemitism."  He's an attorney and he claims to have been an SSPX seminarian at one-time. (He's credited with being a "theologian" in the introduction.)  My Spidey-sense initially went off when I read this guy's stuff, and after having corrected him on a few issues,  and his refusal to make things right, you can be sure he's not playing by the rules of fairness, justice or honesty.

He's recently started a website full of deliberately twisted facts, lies and other foul accusatons, mostly directed at Bishop Williamson but with an obviously larger scope aimed at the whole traditional Catholic community.  In the essay, there is a virtual "who's who" of traditional Catholic names in the crosshair,  Dr. John Roa, Dr. David Allen White, Fr. Lawrence Smith, Dr.  Peter Chojnowski, Fr. Sommerville,etc. And as you'll see in the quotes below he ironically proposes a plan for Jews to persecute traditional Catholics through non-Jewish organizations like Banks, Masons etc.

His website:

From the introductory notes: 


Children’s fairy tales are one form of social transmission, but the Church (and the Mosque) have been the key suppliers of antisemitic fantasy
throughout the ages. Catholic theologian J. Christopher Pryor addresses the way in which the teachings of even one bishop (Bishop Williamson) can
infest traditional Catholicism to this day

Here are a few examples from the body of the text: (my emphasis)

The Bishop’s antisemitism, a key component of his dangerous worldview, is both shocking and dangerous, because it masquerades as part of the Roman Catholic faith. Catholics who approach the Bishop with a sincere interest in doctrinal and liturgical orthodoxy are in danger of becoming imbued with his erroneous worldview, a worldview that has far more in common with the growing neo-fascist movement than it does with Christianity.

I will conclude by offering some practical ideas for developing a systematic,updated plan for exposing and eradicating sanitized, pious antisemitism. I hope this paper will spark a serious public discussion about the emerging pernicious threat of religious antisemitism.

Why was everyone silent? Some believed in Williamson’s theories immediately, because they were simple-minded, and he was a Bishop of the SSPX. Others were certainly extremists themselves and were all too happy about the affirmation of this ideology by a person of his standing. It even appears that he may have recruited such seminarians. I remember one seminarian telling me that he had approached the Bishop during a retreat and asked if it were permissible to shoot abortion doctors, as he, the young man, was considering the tactic to advance the pro-life cause. The Bishop’s reply was, “Why don’t you come to the seminary?”

Bishop Williamson has spent twenty years teaching seminarians, as well as all the faithful, that “girls are not for ideas,” that “the use of reason is for men,” and that women should neither obtain a higher education nor exercise any position of authority over men. The Bishop, as I learned in the seminary, has also written about the Jews. In the past he has written that God is punishing Western civilization because the Christian governments of Europe allow “free circulation of the enemies of civilization.”7 The Bishop also teaches that technology is evil and that the teachings of the Unabomber are Catholic. It should be no surprise that Bishop Williamson has written for Sharpe and Holland8 and endorsed their books.9

Detraction and libel are illegal in the United States. It is not permitted to name a person and spread lies about him or her, especially lies as grave as the lies spread about the Jews. One possible strategy that could be used against organizations spreading antisemitism would be to sue them for libel. A bank, for instance, theoretically could sue any number of conspiracy theorists for suggesting that they are run by an international group of Jews intent on destroying America. The Bilderbergers, Rothschilds, and Rockefellers would have an equally worthy claim.

Economic pressure must be brought to bear against conspiracy theorists who spread notions that dispose people to antisemitic thinking. For instance, when the neo-fascists target a new organization or a new recruit, they seldom come right out with their view that the Jews rule the world and are the cause of all evil. They usually start by maligning bankers, Masons, and the Trilateral Commission.

If this movement is going to be combated, serious research must be undertaken regarding these organizations. This research must look beyond neo-Nazi vandalism and skinhead activity and look into the ancillary ideologies espoused by radicals, which in many cases are used to predispose their followers to antisemitism. Once this is done, Jews need to be educated in terms of the new threat, and then this threat needs to be combated using all legal means, such as the courts and economic pressure.
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.  Or a seminarian either.

Sour grapes.  Not worth bothering with.
(03-06-2010, 11:42 PM)DrBombay Wrote: [ -> ]Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.  Or a seminarian either.

Sour grapes.  Not worth bothering with.

So were the Salem Witch trials.

If there is ever anything we should learn about dealing with our "elder brothers in the faith" and those that worship them, it's you have to be a fast counterpuncher. 
This explains why another forum in the Catholic internet world has appointed a moderator with a history of calling all trads "anti-semite" and that forum is always baiting trads. 

Some who have seen me express strong opinions about what Jewish activistis in America have done to my community may think I should not have taken offense at that label, but I make a distinction between anger at a group that is taking action as a group today (anger at their activists, not at every individual of their heirtage) and some kind of more general hostility towards the existence of the group.

We tradtitional Catholics are facing that second kind of hostility, that does not distinguish between what some activists may promote and what all the other individuals may or may not support. 

The trad-baiting is a form of religious warfare. I don't go into synagogues and tell them how to think and pray, and no one should come into traditional communities and tell us what to think and how to pray, either. I really don't care for a lot of the political views of some bishops but that does not affect my religion and faith any more than the question of whether or not we eat the same veggies.
They're talking about this creep over at Ignis Ardens as well (he's a member):

In Hungary some people recently want to make crime the denial of the Holocaust. The national debate brought out the greatest argument against it: until similar laws are defined against the deniers of the killers of innocent  Ukrainian (10 million people) Russian (20 million peole) Chinese (40 million people) such a law is very strong discrimination against dead people or ultra racism for the favor of dead Jewish people.
(03-07-2010, 01:22 PM)stvincentferrer Wrote: [ -> ]They're talking about this creep over at Ignis Ardens as well (he's a member):

I do not like Ignis ardens at all. They are creepy, even a little scary. 
(03-07-2010, 04:03 PM)littlerose Wrote: [ -> ]
(03-07-2010, 01:22 PM)stvincentferrer Wrote: [ -> ]They're talking about this creep over at Ignis Ardens as well (he's a member):

I do not like Ignis ardens at all. They are creepy, even a little scary. 

How so?
I love ignis ardens
But my blackberry doesn't (damn menoninites!!!!!) Wish I could surf there more often.
Sip clare!!
(03-07-2010, 04:48 PM)devotedknuckles Wrote: [ -> ]I love ignis ardens

Me too.
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